Bee Balm Plant Health Benefits 1

Bee Balm Plant Health Benefits

The great 11th century Arabic physician Ibn Sina (Avicenna) said that the bee balm plant “has the admirable property of giving comfort and joyfulness.” From the early 17th century onwards, the Barefooted... Read more »

Wolfsbane Plant Health Benefits 2

Wolfsbane Plant Health Benefits

The wolfsbane plant has the highest concentration of poison of all plants growing in Europe. This concentration is only exceeded by another species of the same genus, the Aconitum Ferox wall of... Read more »

Henbane Plant Health Benefits 3

Henbane Plant Health Benefits

The henbane plant was already used in Babylon (15th century B.C.) to heal toothache, as recorded in the Ebers papyrus. Dioscorides (1st century A.D.), the father of Read more »

Health Benefits of Hops 4

Health Benefits of Hops

The Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder already knew about the many health benefits of hops because he christened the plant with the name of Lupulus. After all, it overgrows the gardens where... Read more »

Devil's Trumpet Plant Benefits 5

Devil’s Trumpet Plant Benefits

The devil’s trumpet plant was not known in Europe during ancient times and the Middle Ages until it was brought to Spain from Mexico in the late 16th century. It quickly spread... Read more »

Oat Plant Health Benefits 6

Oat Plant Health Benefits

Flakes prepared from the oat plant by pressing oats into ground grain are an integral food popular in Central and northern Europe. Moreover, oats have stimulating effects on the nervous system. Healing... Read more »

Dragon's Blood Plant Health Benefits 7

Dragon’s Blood Plant Health Benefits

Be careful with the dragon’s blood plant because it can be mistaken for poison hemlock. Both plants have unpleasant smells and very similar leaves. However, the dragon’s blood plant is easy to... Read more »

Witch Hazel Plant Health Benefits 8

Witch Hazel Plant Health Benefits

The fruits of the witch hazel plant are woody capsules similar to hazelnuts, and when ripe, they explode noisily. Because of this, North American Indians believed that this tree was bewitched. Today,... Read more »

Hazelnut Benefits 9

Hazelnut Benefits

The hazelnut benefits are many. In mountainous and wet regions, there are still wild hazelnut forests where squirrels enjoy a true paradise. In September and October, these trees offer walkers their tasteful... Read more »

Italian Cypress Tree Health Benefits 10

Italian Cypress Tree Health Benefits

The Italian cypress tree is almost sinister. It is firm and solemn next to graveyard gates; it points up towards the sky with its crown and to the tombs with its elongated... Read more »