Cabbage Plant Health Benefits 1

Cabbage Plant Health Benefits

The Celts and Romans have cultivated the cabbage plant for centuries, the vegetable par excellence. Cabbage has been used for more than two thousand years as a food as well as medicine.... Read more »
Papaya Tree Health Benefits 2

Papaya Tree Health Benefits

The fruit of the papaya tree is one of the most appreciated fruits of all tree products of America. Thus it is not strange it receives so many different names. Papaya Tree... Read more »
European Centaury Plant Health Benefits 3

European Centaury Plant Health Benefits

The European centaury plant was used to heal the foot of Chiron the centaur, a mythical being, half man and half horse inflicted by the legendary Hercules. This plant is named after... Read more »
Wormseed Plant Health Benefits 4

Wormseed Plant Health Benefits

Before the arrival of Colombus, ancient Mexican people used the wormseed plant thanks to its many medicinal properties. Its leaves and flowers have a strong scent due to the essential oil they... Read more »
Chicory Plant Health Benefits 5

Chicory Plant Health Benefits

The chicory plant is a gift for people that love to walk. Until mid-summer roadsides retain the sky blue color of chicory flowers, contrasting with the golden landscape. The plant can hardly... Read more »
Cinnamon Tree Health Benefits 6

Cinnamon Tree Health Benefits

The Chinese already knew about the cinnamon tree as far back as 2500 B.C., and it was just as valuable as gold. Also, the Ancient Egyptians used it for embalming mummies. Cinnamon... Read more »
Blessed Thistle Plant Benefits 7

Blessed Thistle Plant Benefits

The blessed thistle plant has been given the name of “holy” or “blessed” thistle, probably due to its many medicinal properties and generally its properties against the plague. However, it was used... Read more »
Asarum Plant Health Benefits 8

Asarum Plant Health Benefits

The asarum plant has been used since the time of the Roman empire. Pliny the Elder mentioned this plant in his writings due to its emetic properties. However, it has lost some... Read more »
Sea Wormwood Plant Benefits 9

Sea Wormwood Plant Benefits

In the 16th century, the mixture of the sea wormwood plant flower heads with those of a similar species, Artemisia cina Berg., or white thyme, was called semen contra vermes, or seed... Read more »
Tarragon Plant Health Benefits 10

Tarragon Plant Health Benefits

The tarragon plant is aromatic and is one of the few that does not grow wild in Mediterranean countries; thus, it was not known in classical ages. The Arabs brought it to... Read more »