7 Foods Good for The Heart

Would you like to know which food if eaten regularly helps you avoid heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases? If the answer is yes, read on to learn more about the many other foods good for the heart.

Foods good for the heart: Image of heart healthy walnuts.
Foods good for the heart: walnuts

Attempt to rhythmically open and tightly close your hand once a second. After a few minutes, you may likely begin to feel uncomfortable, and it would not be long before you would give up the exercise.

The heart muscle performs a very similar exercise to opening and closing the hand, but it does it unceasingly, without stopping, from birth to death, and without tiring, as long as it is maintained in good health. This capacity of the myocardium, the muscle that forms the heart, to work unceasingly and without rest, is one of the more surprising facts of an animal as well as human physiology.

However, in reality, the heart does rest. It does so in the brief period between beats. During some tenths of a second, the myocardium relaxes and receives blood and nutrients utilizing the coronary arteries. For the heart to function so faithfully and constantly it requires:

  • Permanent blood supply through the coronary arteries. Anything that obstructs the passage of blood through these vital arteries provokes a heart attack and possible cardiac arrest. Arteriosclerosis, due to the deposit of cholesterol, is the most common cause of blockage of the coronary arteries.
  • Sufficient oxygen and nutrients, particularly fatty acids, glucose, and vitamin B1. All these nutrients must reach the heart with the blood circulating through the coronary arteries.

Foods Good for The Heart

Among the many fruits good for the heart, the BANANA stands out. They’re an ideal fruit for those suffering from coronary disease (angina, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, heart failure) or circulatory system disorders (arterial hypertension, arteriosclerosis) because of its exceptional composition.

Another great food for the heart is BROCCOLI because of its low-calorie content, its lack of fats, and above all its optimal sodium/potassium balance. Broccoli is a very appropriate food for heart attack patients at any level. It promotes the elimination of excess liquid retained in the tissues (edema), operating as a decongestive to the circulatory system and the heart.

The most common causes of heart failure or “tired heart” are lesions in the heart valves, arterial hypertension, or narrowing of the coronary arteries. This is why the CHERIMOYA is on these heart-healthy foods list. A daily serving of this fruit during the autumn months is beneficial for whatever reason. Also, cherimoyas are diuretic, high in potassium, and very low in sodium and fats.

GARDEN PEAS make the heart-healthy vegetables list because they contain practically no fat or sodium, two substances that are hostile to coronary health if consumed in excess. They are a great food for heart attack patients as well as people suffering from heart valve lesions, myocardiopathy, and of course, coronary heart disease.

Eating PEACHES is of benefit whenever there is any degree of heart failure, any impairment in the heart’s capacity to perform effectively its pumping activity. Even though peaches are not a direct heart stimulant, they do aid the work of this organ.

GRAPES are great heart-healthy food. Regular consumption of grapes or grape juice is indicated for arteriosclerosis regardless of where it is located in the body, in addition to the coronary arteries.

Grapes are highly recommended for any cardiac conditions because they provide energy in the form of simple sugars that the heart muscle uses to contract.

Although the primary sources of energy for the heart are fatty acids, it also utilizes glucose.

Grapes are rich in potassium and also contain calcium and magnesium, minerals involved in cardiac contractions. Additionally, grapes contain virtually no sodium or saturated fat, the two primary enemies of the cardiovascular system.

WALNUTS are among the superior foods good for the heart. Walnuts are the food I mentioned at the beginning of this article. Walnuts are highly recommended for those suffering from heart disease because of their richness in polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic), as well as B vitamins, and minerals. People that eat walnuts five or more times a week have an even lower risk of a heart attack


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