12 Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

Before I elaborate on the foods that boost your metabolism, let’s learn a little more about this topic. Metabolism is the entire complex of biochemical reactions that are constantly occurring within the body to produce energy and maintain life.

Foods that boost your metabolism: Image of a big bowl of oatmeal cereal with blueberries on top.

In the broadest sense, all foods are metabolized, since, when they are eaten, they are all involved in the chemical processes of the body. However, the foods described in this article are more involved than others in metabolic processes, or they are involved more directly.

Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

Mushrooms and loquats reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics, cherries and leeks facilitate the elimination of waste products, and whole wheat provides a balanced proportion of nutrients required to produce energy within the body.

Choosing the right foods that boost your metabolism bears decisively on normalizing and balancing the numerous biochemical processes of metabolism.

Breadfruit’s most ample nutrient is starch, which makes up most of its carbohydrates, as is the case with wheat flour. During the digestion process, starch is slowly transformed into glucose, the most important energy for the body’s cells.

Another of great foods that boost your metabolism is wheat. Wheat starch is easily digested. The process begins in the mouth with the enzyme ptyalin, and continues in the small intestine with the amylase secreted by the pancreas. All of these enzymes break down the long starch molecules, which are made up of numerous glucose molecules joined together. The result is that glucose molecules are released slowly. They then pass through the intestinal mucosa and into the bloodstream, providing energy to the body.

Chard is a great addition to the list of foods that speed up your metabolism, thanks to its ability to satisfy the appetite with very few calories. Regardless of how it is prepared, chard constitutes an ideal dish, particularly for supper, for those wishing to lose weight.

Peach palm is a storehouse of energy and it is a superior addition to the list of the best foods to rev metabolism. Athletes involved in physical labor, and whenever there is greater energy demand.

Sweet potatoes are delicious and are a great addition to the metabolism-boosting foods on this list. They’re very beneficial to those individuals involved in intense physical activity, athletes, and those recovering from devastating diseases. In these cases, sweet potatoes may be eaten as the primary dish at dinner two or three times a week.

One of the foods that boost your metabolism that many people probably have never heard of is lupine. This nutritious snack is considered a high-energy, nutritious food that supplies a considerable amount of calories. They are not easy to digest and must be chewed slowly.

Chestnuts invigorate the muscles, which helps to boost metabolism. This is a great food for physical fatigue due to intense muscular exercise (athletes, manual laborers) or malnutrition. They have a tonic effect on the muscles, providing a sensation of energy and well-being.

An article on foods that boost your metabolism is not complete without the mention of OATS. The most abundant nutrient in oats is carbohydrates. Due to the particular structure of the oat grain, these carbohydrates are easily adapted and absorbed slowly. For this reason, oats provide energy for several hours. The following carbohydrates stand out on oat:

  • Starch and products of its decomposition: dextrin, maltose, and glucose. These are very easily assimilated substances that the body converts quickly into energy.
  • Fructose: This is found in small amounts together with other carbohydrates. It has the peculiarity of requiring less insulin to be metabolized and produce energy. As a result, oats are highly recommended for diabetics.


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