Effects of Coffee on The Body 1

Effects of Coffee on The Body

The Arabs spread the habit of consuming coffee to the known world in the 16th century. Despite the effects of coffee on the body, today, more than one million tons of coffee... Read more »
German Chamomile Benefits 2

German Chamomile Benefits

When most people mention herbal teas, we can all agree that German chamomile is one of the first that comes to mind. We could also say that chamomile tea is the best... Read more »
Benefits of Eating Onions 3

Benefits of Eating Onions

The benefits of eating onions are vast. I’m sure many of us have cried when tackling this vivacious bulbous plant. According to Andres de Laguna, a Spanish physician of the 16th century,... Read more »
Blue Spirulina Benefits 4

Blue Spirulina Benefits

The most common variety of blue spirulina, Spirulina maxima, is native to the salt lakes of the Mexican plains, such as the Totalcingo and the Texcoco lakes. In their waters are high... Read more »
All About Eggs 5

All About Eggs

So, you want to know all about eggs? Well, you have come to the right place. You will learn scientific facts, facts about its cooking, and much more. The egg is a... Read more »
Rhubarb Plant Health Benefits 6

Rhubarb Plant Health Benefits

The rhubarb plant has been used since ancient times with medicinal aims. It was mentioned in the writings of Shen-Nung, a Chinese Emperor, 2700 years B.C. The great Greek physician, pharmacologist, botanist,... Read more »
Pomegranate Tree Health Benefits 7

Pomegranate Tree Health Benefits

Remains of the pomegranate tree have been found in Egyptian tombs more than 4000 years old. Israelites appreciated this fruit too. Greeks regarded pomegranates as the symbol of love and fertility: the... Read more »
Five Finger Grass Health Benefits 8

Five Finger Grass Health Benefits

The humble five finger grass plant, like all Rosaceae plants, has beautiful flowers and excellent medicinal properties. Livestock breeders have been using it to increase goat milk production and fight their cattle’s... Read more »
Alder Buckthorn Health Benefits 9

Alder Buckthorn Health Benefits

During the Renaissance, a great botanist Andrea Mattioli published in 1554 a commentary edition of Dioscorides De Materia Medica, in which he said, according to Font Quer’s quote, that the “alder buckthorn... Read more »
Psyllium Plant Health Benefits 10

Psyllium Plant Health Benefits

Psyllium plant seeds were likened to fleas by ancient people (Greek psylla). The great Greek physician, pharmacologist, botanist, and author Pedanius Dioscorides recommended it in the 1st century A.D. as an emollient... Read more »