Cancer Preventing Diet

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cancer preventing diet
Cancer preventing diet
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Cancer preventing diet

There is a close relationship between cancer and the diet, which makes adopting a cancer preventing diet essential for those wanting to protect themselves against this horrible disease. Some cause it, while others help prevent it. This information is the most concise dietary counsel for those wishing to reduce cancer risk: adopt a cancer preventing diet, a vegetarian or vegan diet.

The following tables have been prepared based on studies published in the world’s most prestigious scientific and medical journals. They reflect the most current understanding of the relationship between diet and cancer.

Cancer Preventing Diet: Larynx

IncreaseReduce or Eliminate
FruitAlcoholic beverages
Green leafy vegetablesCured meat
Vegetable oilsMate
Antioxidant vitamins (A, C, and E) 

Superfoods to Fight Cancer: Mouth

IncreaseReduce or Eliminate
Fruit, particularly citrusAlcoholic beverages, particularly wine and liquors
Vegetables, particularly those rich in carotenesMeat, especially roasted or barbecued
 Chilies (hot peppers)

Lung Cancer-Fighting Foods

IncreaseReduce or Eliminate
Fruits and vegetablesCured meats (sausages, bacon)
 Whole milk and dairy products
 Refined baked goods

Foods That Prevent Breast Cancer

IncreaseReduce or Eliminate
Soy, tofu, soymilkRed meat (fish and skinless chicken are not detrimental)
FruitProcessed pork (sausages, ham, etc.)
Vegetables, especially carrots and spinachEggs
Olive oilMilk (according to one study, it is protective)
GarlicHigh-fat cheese
FiberTrans fatty acids (margarine and commercial baked goods)
Vitamin CAlcoholic beverages, even in low doses
 Chocolate and pastries

Foods That Prevent Cancer of The Brain

IncreaseReduce or Eliminate
Vitamins, particularly C and EHot dogs. Their consumption by pregnant women increases the risk of cancer in their children Hamburgers Cured and roasted meat Processed pork products such as boiled ham (York ham) and bacon Fried foods

Prevention Diet for Esophageal Cancer

IncreaseReduce or Eliminate
Fruits, especially citrus fruitsAlcoholic beverages
VegetablesScalding beverages, especially mate
Beta-carotene (provitamin A) and carotenoidsRed meats, particularly barbecue

Prevention Diet for Stomach Cancer

IncreaseReduce or Eliminate
Fruits, particularly citrus and pineappleRed meat, especially well-done
Vegetables, independent of their nitrate contentCured meats and sausages, mostly homemade
Garlic and onionBeer
Whole grain breadSalt-cured foods
Vegetable oilEggs
Pasta and riceRolls and pastries
 Saturated fat

Cancer Prevention Diet for The Liver

IncreaseReduce or Eliminate
Beta-carotene (provitamin A)Wine
 Moldy foods or those with aflatoxin residue

Cancer Prevention Diet for The Colon

IncreaseReduce or Eliminate
FiberRed meats (beef, pork, lamb)
FruitWell-done meat
Vegetables, particularly carrots and spinachProcessed or cured meats
Whole-grain bread and pastaLiver and other variety meats
Fermented dairy products (yogurt) and calciumEggs, particularly for women
 Fats and high-calorie foods, especially animal-based
 Cured high-fat cheese
 Sugar, such as that added to coffee
 Alcoholic beverages, specifically wine

Cancer Prevention Diet for The Prostate

IncreaseReduce or Eliminate
FruitRed meats
Dried fruits (dates, raisins)Animal fat
LegumesCalcium from foods or supplements
Soy, tofu, soymilk (beverage) 
Citrus pectin 
Vitamin E 
Carotenoids (lycopene) 

Ovarian Cancer Prevention Diet

IncreaseReduce or Eliminate
Vegetables, particularly carrotsMeat
Whole grain bread and pastaWhole milk
FishSaturated fat

Cancer Prevention Diet for The Kidneys

IncreaseReduce or Eliminate
Fruit, particularly citrus applesRed meats, meat products
Vitamin CFat
Vitamin EProteins

Pancreatic Cancer Prevention Diet

IncreaseReduce or Eliminate
Vegetables, especially cabbages and tomatoesFish
FiberSaturated animal fat
 Alcoholic beverages

Endometrial Cancer Prevention Diet

IncreaseReduce or Eliminate
FruitRed meat and cured meats
VegetablesCured or salted fish
Whole grain cereals, bread, and pastaEggs
LegumesAnimal fat
Garlic and onionMargarine
Beta caroteneCholesterol

Cancer Prevention Foods for the Urinary Bladder

IncreaseReduce or Eliminate
FruitPork and lamb
Vegetables, particularly spinach and carrotsCoffee
Beta-carotene (provitamin A)Milk
Vitamin CPickles
Vitamin EFat, particularly animal fat
 Fried foods
 Excess calories
 Sodium (salt)
 Wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages

Cervical Cancer Prevention Diet

IncreaseReduce or Eliminate
Vegetables, especially those rich in beta-carotene such as carrotsAnimal fat
Vitamin CSugar
Antioxidants (vitamins A, C, and E) 
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Cancer preventing diet
man preparing a healthy cancer preventing meal
Cancer preventing diet

Above all, a cancer preventing diet plays a vital role in the prevention of this life-altering disease. However, even when diagnosed with cancer, a healthful diet continues to be vitally important. The answer to questions such as how to prevent cancer from spreading and how to prevent cancer before it starts is to adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

All the anticarcinogenic foods described in this article, particularly fruit treatments, salads, and fresh juices, are supplementary treatment sources that should not be ignored. There is experimental evidence documenting their effectiveness in slowing malignant cells’ development, proving that their use as a medicinal tool is well-founded.


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