Getting Started With Intermittent Fasting 1

Getting Started With Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a pattern or plan that includes portions of 24 hours fasting (consuming only liquids or nothing) and eating food for other periods of the day. Also known as using... Read more »

Health Benefits of Fasting: 4 Ways Short-Term Fasting Helps your Body 2

Health Benefits of Fasting: 4 Ways Short-Term Fasting Helps your Body

Health benefits of fasting: Fasting is touted as having many health benefits. According to the Cambridge dictionary, fasting is “to eat no food for some time.” Most people consume clear liquids, Read more »

Best Foods for Humans 3

Best Foods for Humans

The best foods for humans can be just about anything, from mammary secretions (milk) to mineral crystals (common salt), together with fruits, seeds, flowers, stalks, leaves, roots, fungus, seaweed, eggs of birds... Read more »

Choosing The Right Foods 4

Choosing The Right Foods

Throughout life, humans are responsible for choosing the right foods. Depending on how these food products are utilized, the result may be: Improved health, avoiding, even curing disease. Or on the other... Read more »

Eat The Right Colors For Optimal Health 5

Eat The Right Colors For Optimal Health

The color of foods depends on their coloring substances, making them appealing and enjoyable. Artificial coloring – These are used as additives by the food industry. They have no positive health effects,... Read more »

Modern Diet Problems 6

Modern Diet Problems

Understanding modern diet problems helps to avoid them. The current diet in the developed world has benefited from the general technical progress that the food industry experienced. This affords: Availability of all... Read more »

Best Foods and Nutrition Throughout Life

When it comes to the best foods and nutrition throughout life, human beings never stop eating. From birth to death, the average person eats between 10 and 20 tons of food products.... Read more »

The Macrobiotic Diet Plan 7

The Macrobiotic Diet Plan

The macrobiotic diet plan is quickly becoming a favorite for many dieters around the world. The term macrobiotic signifies the science of health and longevity. It represents the belief that everyone is... Read more »