Natural Asthma Relief

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There are some modest things that you can do for natural asthma relief, along with following your doctor’s advice. Before we get into a natural treatment for asthma, let us learn a little more about the condition.

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Asthma is a chronic disease identified by periodic attacks of coughing, wheezing, and difficult breathing. Once the air is drawn into the lungs, it seems almost impossible to expel it. Episodes last from a few minutes to quite a few hours and vary significantly in severity, occurring most frequently at night. If not treated, they often end spontaneously.

natural asthma relief
natural asthma relief

About one out of every thirty-five people in the population have asthma. Of these, two-thirds develop the problem before the age of five. Boys and men are afflicted more than girls and women by a ratio of about two to one. Nearly half of the children outgrow asthma as they become adults.

Approximately 5000 deaths occur each year, most of which could be prevented with appropriate treatments for asthma. An attack of asthma is a hyperactive response of the bronchi and bronchioles to some agent which causes the muscles in the bronchial walls to contract, thus narrowing the passageways; swell the lining of the air passages, further restricting the openings; and increases the secretion of mucus, clogging the smaller tubes.

Natural asthma relief

An asthmatic episode may begin gradually or suddenly. A feeling of tightness in the chest accompanies wheezing and coughing in severe attacks and coughing. In severe attacks, the sufferer struggles to force the air out of the lungs, often becoming anxious, agitated, and even panicked. The lips and skin turn bluish because of oxygen shortage, accompanied by sweating and rapid heart rate. Coughing expels thick, tenacious mucus. As the attack subsides, breathing becomes regular, while the chest may be sore.

Generally, the asthmatic has an inherited sensitivity or allergy to factors that trigger an attack. These may include house dust (which contains tiny mites), grain dust, pollens, grasses, molds, dander, or hair (from cats and dogs), feathers (in pillows or from pet birds), tobacco smoke, and polluted air.

Other agents may be perfumes, hair sprays, furniture polish, detergents, and any of several chemical vapors. Certain people are allergic to foods such as sesame seeds, certain nuts, and peanut butter, chocolate, orange juice, eggs, and milk. Sudden changes in the weather, physical exertion, fatigue, infections (flu, common cold, sore throat), and even excitement and emotional upsets may provoke an attack.

Tips for Natural Asthma Relief

Try to be a detective and discover what triggers an attack. Keep a detailed record. Observe the circumstances around which attacks occur: the time of day, the season of the year, the activity you were engaged in, whether you were at home or work, what foods you have eaten—in fact, anything you were doing during that time. Also, ask your physician to do some sensitivity tests for foods, pollens, etc.

How to treat asthma naturally
natural asthma relief

Once you have identified the cause, try to avoid it if possible. Remove from your environment offending materials such as hair sprays, furniture, polish, laundry detergents, and even pets. Keep your house free from dust. Should your problem be severe, cooperate with your physician in working out a suitable asthma treatment program for natural asthma relief.

You may find that a warm drink or inhalations from a vaporizer or pan of boiling water may help mild attacks. Do not let the steam burn you. Certain medications available over the counter are effective in controlling an attack, though some may cause drowsiness. Check with your physician as to which are best. Should you get a severe attack that does not yield to measures at hand, call your physician, or go to the nearest hospital.

Available tests can determine sensitivity toward several allergens, such as pollens, foods, molds, house dust, chemicals, etc. Your doctor may recommend desensitization against certain of these.

Several effective medications lessen or prevent an asthma attack. These may be administered through an inhaler or taken orally. If you have seasonal asthma, your physician may advise a routine requiring medication several times a day.

Flu shots may reduce respiratory tract infections, which might set the stage for an asthmatic episode. Work closely with your physician on the best procedures for avoiding or treating an attack and experiencing natural asthma relief.


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