Herbs That Clean The Arteries

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herbs that clean the arteries
Garlic is one of the best herbs that clean the arteries and it is a good friend of the circulatory system. It decreases blood pressure, and thins the blood.

Discover the top herbs that clean the arteries. When it comes to the health of the arteries, it depends mainly on the quality of the blood circulating through them. Among the hundreds of substances that blood carries, cholesterol is perhaps the most harmful for the arteries.

The evening primrose renders an oil that is very rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Cholesterol is a fat that our body produces and uses for diverse biochemical functions. When there is an excess of it, it has the particular feature of covering the intima layer of the arteries, provoking irritation and later a degenerative legion. The result is the thickening of the arterial wall and the narrowing of its diameter, known as arteriosclerosis. There are several factors which favor this illness, especially the following:

Mistletoe is a parasitic plant, highly appreciated because of its hypotensive properties as well as its arterial action, especially acting on cerebral and coronary arteries. However, it must be used with caution since it may have toxic effects. Its berries are poisonous and must never be used.
  1. The increase of cholesterol in the blood, usually caused by a diet rich in animal products, such as meat and its derivatives, butter, cream, cheese, and eggs.
  2. Arterial hypertension.
  3. Smoking.

The herbs that clean arteries also contribute to the health of arteries by decreasing blood pressure and diminishing the level of cholesterol in the blood employing one of two mechanisms:

  1. Decreasing the intestinal absorption of cholesterol. Oat bran or apple skin retains the cholesterol in the intestine, preventing it from passing into the blood.
  2. Decreasing the production of cholesterol by the body. Vegetable oils, rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic and linoleic acids, act this way.

Top Herbs That Clean The Arteries

Disorders of the Arteries

Lesser periwinkleEvening primroseGarlicGinkgo
MistletoeOlive treeRauwolfiaSunflower
Yellow goatsbeard   

High Blood Pressure – The increase in blood pressure, whether systolic (maximum) or diastolic (minimum) pressure, can be caused by pathological reasons, such as liver dysfunctions, arteriosclerosis, or hormonal disorders. However, in many cases, the cause of the disease is unknown. Hence, it is called essential hypertension. Phytotherapy uses sedative and nervous balancing herbs, diuretic herbs, and vasodilator herbs with proven hypotensive efficiency, especially for essential hypertension.

Olive treeMistletoe
Apple treeIndian corn

Low Blood Pressure – Low blood pressure causes fatigue and decreased muscle tone. The recommended herbs invigorate the nervous and circulatory systems and are better than the chronic consumption of exciting substances such as coffee, yerba maté, or tea.

Camphor treeLily of the valley
HawthornScotch broom
BasilWinter savory

Fainting – A sudden loss of consciousness, accompanied by falling over. It is usually associated with hypotension. Besides the recommended herbs for hypotension, which may prevent fainting, these three may be used to balance the nervous and circulatory systems.

Orange treeLavender

Arteriosclerosis – Thickening and narrowing of the arterial walls caused by cholesterol deposits, producing less blood supply to the afflicted tissues. Phytotherapy offers vasodilator herbs, blood thinning, and herbs rich in trace elements such as silicon, which promote the regeneration of the tissues that form the arterial walls. All herbs that decrease cholesterol levels prevent and avoid the manifestation of arteriosclerosis because of the degeneration and narrowing of the arterial walls.

GinkgoEarly flowering periwinkle
MistletoeHemp nettle
Devil’s clawMilfoil

Lack of Blood Flow – Also called circulatory insufficiency, it is characterized by an imbalance between the amount of blood needed by an organ and the amount that it receives through the arteries. It primarily affects the brain, producing sickness, memory loss, and intellectual degeneration, among other symptoms.

GinkgoEarly flowering periwinkle

Chilblains – Also called erythema pernio, this is a disorder of local blood flow caused by the cold and the appearance of itching and reddening on the arms or legs. Besides these herbs, applied in baths or compresses, capillary protecting herbs are also recommended.

RhatanyOak tree
Five-finger grassGrapevine

Vasoconstrictive herbs

These herbs are usually applied externally to close the blood vessels and stop hemorrhages (hemostatic action). Vasoconstrictive herbs produce the constriction of the diameter of blood vessels.

Scotch broomHazelnut

Herbs for High Cholesterol

Herbs that decrease cholesterol levels are also called hypolipemiant because they reduce the level of lipids or fats in the blood flow. Cholesterol is one of the essential lipids or fats flowing into the blood, apart from triglycerides and others.

OatsOpium poppy
SunflowerEvening primrose
Olive treeArtichoke
Apple treeGrapevine
SarsaparillaIndian corn
SesameJavan tea
Devil’s clawCotton tree

Vasodilator Herbs

These herbs dilate the diameter of blood vessels, especially the arteries, allowing a greater blood flow. Vasodilator herbs are used in circulatory conditions caused by a lack of blood flow, whether in the brain, the heart (angina pectoris or heart attack), or the legs. All these disorders are usually caused by arteriosclerosis.

LindenYellow Adonis
GinkgoEvening primrose
Early-flowering periwinkleSpanish carrot


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