18 Amazing Herbs That Kill Parasites

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herbs that kill pinworms

There is an assortment of worms that can attack the intestine, particularly that of children. Therefore, finding the right herbs that kill parasites is essential if you want to deal with the problem naturally.

The most common of these parasitic worms are:

intestinal parasites in humans: Image of round worms.
  • Oxiures: Small, white roundworms, which are a little challenging to see and can cause itching around the anal area.
  • Ascaris: These roundworms are bigger than oxiures and can cause a lack of appetite, nausea, and abdominal pain.
  • Taeniae: There are several types of taeniae; the most common is the pig tapeworm that can reach lengths of 5 meters large, and the hydatic cyst taenia.

The human intestine is the perfect home for intestinal parasites, and they stick to the intestinal walls with suckers on their heads. The best herbs that kill parasites possess vermifuge properties, which loosens parasites and promotes their elimination with the use of a laxative substance.

Herbs That Kill Parasites

GARLIC: Garlic is a strong vermifuge against the most common types of intestinal parasites. It is predominantly effective against ascarides and the little white worms that cause anal itching in kids.

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Herbs that kill parasites: Bilberries

BILBERRY: Bilberry is one of the top herbs that kill parasites, especially the ones caused by oxyuridae, which are the small worms that reside within the intestines of children. In this case, a cure with fresh or cooked bilberries in puree over 3 days is beneficial. The sufferer can only consume milk and bilberries during that time.

This treatment is a proven success in the Children Hospital of the University of Helsinki, Finland, according to Dr. Schneider.

ONION: Onions are useful against pinworms and the small white worms that cause anal itching in children. It is best eaten raw.

WORMWOOD: Wormwood expels intestinal parasites. It is a powerful vermifuge. However, because of its bitter taste, adults are more likely to take it. Children, on the other hand, refuses to take it.

TARRAGON: Thanks to its essential oils that are rich in estragol, phelandren, ocymen, and hydroxicoumarin, this herb helps in the expelling of parasites.

PAPAYA TREE: Papayas are very useful against intestinal parasites, especially tapeworms.

WORMSEED: Wormseed kills intestinal parasites. It is most effective against ascaris and anchilostomae; however, it does not work against tapeworms and oxyuridae.

EUROPEAN PENNYROYAL: Pennyroyal is amongst one of the best anti-parasitic herbs. To get rid of intestinal parasites, drink a cup of European pennyroyal tea every day for five days on an empty stomach. The best way to use this herb is to add 10-20 g of pennyroyal into a liter of boiling water and let steep for a few minutes. Honey is optional as a sweetener.

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QUASSIA: This herb is beneficial when utilized as an enema. It is highly effective against oxyuridae parasites, which hang out predominantly around the anus and rectum, where oral medications cannot help.

LAVENDER COTTON: Lavender cotton is a very powerful vermifuge against intestinal parasites such as oxyuridae and ascarides, which you can mostly find in children.

MALE FERN: The rhizome of this fern contains, among other things, philicine, which can paralyze the muscles of taeniae and other intestinal parasites. Therefore, the worm cannot keep its hold on the intestinal walls because of paralysis. Once paralyzed, a laxative substance is required to expel the worms from the body. The anti-parasitic properties of the male fern are proven to be effective against the following parasites:

  • Every taeniae species
  • Botriocephalus
  • Duodenal anchilostoma
Herbs that kill parasites: Pomegranate

POMEGRANATE: The rind of the pomegranate, as well as its inner walls, have vermifuge properties, although milder than those of the root or trunk bark. At times, a person that eats this fruit expels intestinal parasites days later without even knowing it. Eating pomegranate is like doing a DIY parasite cleanse.

TAMARIND: The leaves of the tamarind tree contain anthelmintic as well as vermifuge properties. Tamarind leaves destroy intestinal parasites, and they are astringent.

TANSY: This herb possesses the ability to paralyze intestinal worms, such as roundworms and oxyuridae. However, it does not kill them; this is where you will need a laxative to flush them from the intestines to finish the job.

Herbs that kill parasites
Herbs that kill parasites: Pumpkin seeds

PUMPKIN: Pumpkin seeds contain something called cucurbitacin, which detaches the head of tapeworms from the intestinal walls. It is also beneficial against other intestinal parasites, such as ascaridae. Again, once the worm is disconnected, a laxative is needed to expel the parasites. Pumpkin seeds are amongst the top foods that kill parasites.

Pumpkin seeds are an effective parasitic worm killer, and it is risk-free. There are no side effects or drawbacks to this parasite cleanse home remedy. Therefore, the seeds are an ideal remedy for children suffering from intestinal parasites such as roundworms and taeniae.

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MUGWORT: Mugwort produces the expulsion of intestinal worms. It is most effective against oxyuridae. Central Americans use this plant widely, thanks to its parasite expelling properties.

CARLINE THISTLE: A root decoction of the carline thistle plant taken on an empty stomach for 4 or 5 days is highly effective against intestinal worms such as roundworms and taeniae.

THYME: Thyme is an excellent addition to this list of herbs that kill parasites thanks to its properties that helps to expel parasites from the intestines, most notably taeniae. Thyme is also an excellent insecticide that repels lice and fleas.

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