Benefits of Lobelia: Excellent Relaxant

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The benefits of lobelia (Lobelia inflata) include stimulant and relaxant properties. In addition, it is a powerful medicinal helper. It is incredibly relaxing in minimal doses for all internal and external spasms (5 to 10 drops of the tincture or one gelatin capsule). It is used for lung congestion and as an antispasmodic in herbal formulas.

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It acts as a sedative in slightly larger doses (15 drops). In large amounts (40 drops of the tincture or 2 gelatin capsules or more), it is a potent emetic and can be used to vomit up something you want to get out of the stomach fast! You will only use small doses for most conditions (unless you want to induce vomiting).

benefits of lobelia

Health Benefits of Lobelia

  • Parts used: plant and seeds.
  • Medicinal properties: Antispasmodic, emetic, nervine, expectorant.
  • What it affects: Nerves, lungs, muscles, stomach, and circulation.

In small doses, whooping cough and asthma are included in lobelia’s many health benefits. The herb is outstanding for relieving spasms associated with lung and respiratory conditions. As an expectorant, it is helpful in all respiratory treatments, especially the spasmodic type, in expelling phlegm.

Add it to all cough medicines. Combine it with lady’s slipper for convulsions. Lobelia is also used for headache, heart palpitation, indigestion, allergies, arthritis, asthma, chicken pox, contagious diseases, fevers (all kinds), jaundice, pleurisy, pneumonia, St. Vitus dance, teething, and toothache.

It relaxes the heart and lowers the rapid pulse. Combined with skullcap and lady’s slipper, it is suitable for lockjaw. In large doses, it is invaluable for clearing the stomach of its contents, food poisoning, etc.

However, lobelia is a wash for infected or itchy skin diseases in smaller doses. It is put in baths, fomentations, poultices, and salves for muscle spasms. A few drops of tincture placed in the ear will relieve earaches. It is used in applications for bruises, sprains, felons, ringworm, erysipelas, poison ivy, snake and insect bites, and tumors. Add it to liniments for sore muscles, pains, and rheumatism.

A chemical cousin of nicotine, Lobeline is one of the 14 alkaloids in the lobelia plant; until recently was used in the U.S. in commercial “quit smoking” lozenges, patches, and chewing gums – said to appease the physical need for nicotine without addictive effects. The plant is still used in other countries for those purposes. In addition, lobelia also produces dilation of the bronchioles and increased respiration.


Do not give substantial doses of lobelia! Although poisonous in large quantities, it will be vomited quickly and is unlikely to cause permanent damage.

Preparation and Dosage
  1. Infusion: Let steep for 5 to 15 minutes and take one tablespoon as needed.
  2. Tincture: Take 10 to 30 drops as needed.
  3. Fluid extract: Take 5 to 30 drops as needed.
  4. Powder: Take 1 to 2 #0 capsules (1 to 10 grains) as needed.
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