Pansy Plant Health Benefits 1

Pansy Plant Health Benefits

The tiny flowers of the pansy plant, with their large peduncle and variegated colors, are genuinely exuberant. The combination of the internal and external uses of its internal and external uses achieves... Read more »

Sanicle Plant Health Benefits 2

Sanicle Plant Health Benefits

The name of the sanicle plant comes from the Latin word sanare (to heal) and references the many properties attributed to this plant. Sanicle Plant Scientific Facts Other names: European sanicle, wood... Read more »

Livelong Plant Health Benefits 3

Livelong Plant Health Benefits

The livelong plant belongs to the same family as the houseleek plant. Both plants have fleshy leaves and a hot-spicy flavor and were valued in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. However,... Read more »

Allgood Plant Health Benefits 4

Allgood Plant Health Benefits

The allgood plant should not be confused with shepherd’s purse, which belongs to the botanical family of Cruciferae. The leaves of allgood are valued by mountain peasants, who eat them like spinach.... Read more »

Bittersweet Nightshade Health Benefits 5

Bittersweet Nightshade Health Benefits

The name bittersweet nightshade is directly linked to the taste of its berries, first sweet, then bitter. The same happens to its properties, which possess a mixture of Read more »

Oleander Plant Health Benefits 6

Oleander Plant Health Benefits

Pedanius Dioscorides, the Greek physician, pharmacologist, botanist, and author (1st century A.D.), already warned that the flowers and leaves of the oleander plant are “deadly” Read more »

Poisonberry Plant Benefits 7

Poisonberry Plant Benefits

The poisonberry plant belongs to the Solanaceae family, the same family as the potato, and both plants contain the same active component: solanine in their leaves and fruit. This plant is native... Read more »

Betony Plant Benefits 8

Betony Plant Benefits

The physicians of ancient Greece and Rome regarded the betony plant as a kind of panacea. It is believed that Roman Emperor Nero’s physician wrote a list of forty-seven diseases that can... Read more »

Field Scabious Plant Health Benefits 9

Field Scabious Plant Health Benefits

The name of the field scabious plant comes from the Latin word scabies (which means, precisely, scabies) since from the Middle Ages onwards, it has been used to treat diverse skin afflictions,... Read more »

Madonna Lily Health Benefits 10

Madonna Lily Health Benefits

The Madonna lily is an ornamental plant that has been cultivated since ancient times. A ceramic glass found on the island of Crete (17th century B.C.) on which a Madonna lily was... Read more »