Alfalfa Benefits 1

Alfalfa Benefits

Horses are incredibly fortunate whenever they get to eat alfalfa. From ancient times, domestic animals have enjoyed the advantages of this nutritious plant. At the same time, their rational owners dismissed it... Read more »

Orange Tree Benefits 2

Orange Tree Benefits

Since the orange tree arrived on the Mediterranean coast of southern Europe from the Middle East and Asia in Ancient Times, its success has never decreased. Its elegant shape, the rich aroma... Read more »

American Beech Tree Benefits 3

American Beech Tree Benefits

Beech nuts from the American beech tree should not be eaten in large amounts since there seems to be a substance in the bark that is mildly Read more »

Globe Flower Health Benefits 4

Globe Flower Health Benefits

The globe flower plant was known as the “terrible plant” during ancient classical times since it was frequently mistaken with tinnevelly senna, which has powerful Read more »

Mouse Ear Hawkweed Benefits 5

Mouse Ear Hawkweed Benefits

The use of the mouse ear hawkweed, despite having begun in the Middle Ages, is not widespread. Perhaps it is because it loses its medicinal properties once the plant dries. Mouse Ear... Read more »

Purple Loosestrife Plant Benefits 6

Purple Loosestrife Plant Benefits

Dioscorides recommended the purple loosestrife plant in the 1st century A.D. as an Read more »

High Mallow Plant Benefits 7

High Mallow Plant Benefits

The high mallow plant symbolizes sweetness and calmness that was already known by the Greeks more than 2000 years ago. Hippocrates recommended it as an Read more »

Early Purple Orchid Plant Benefits 8

Early Purple Orchid Plant Benefits

The early purple orchid is among the most numerous family of the Vegetal Kingdom, with more than 20,000 species spread worldwide. Their beautiful flowers and their botanical peculiarities make them a very... Read more »

Mayapple Plant Benefits 9

Mayapple Plant Benefits

The mayapple plant or American mandrake is not related to the European mandrake of the Solanaceae family. European mandrake is a Read more »

Purslane Plant Benefits 10

Purslane Plant Benefits

The purslane plant was cultivated in ancient times as a vegetable to be consumed in salads, though at present, there are peasants who regard it as a weed. Its medicinal applications are... Read more »