Uva Ursi Benefits 1

Uva Ursi Benefits

The uva ursi benefits are plenty. It is a specific herbal Read more »

American Spikenard Plant 2

American Spikenard Plant

The powdered root of the American spikenard plant is helpful for coughs, asthma, and rheumatism. It can make childbirth easier if taken sometime before labor. Native Americans used the herb to treat... Read more »

Partridge Berry Benefits 3

Partridge Berry Benefits

Native Americans took advantage of partridge berry benefits throughout pregnancy, primarily during the last few weeks, to make childbirth easier and faster. Partridge berry, also known as squaw vine, was also used... Read more »

Benefits of Spearmint 4

Benefits of Spearmint

There are many benefits of spearmint. The Mentha spicata is a species of spearmint that shares several of the properties of peppermint. The herb is customarily given for women’s problems and painful... Read more »

Slippery Elm Bark Benefits 5

Slippery Elm Bark Benefits

Slippery elm bark benefits are numerous. In fact, the inner white bark holds all of the medicinal attributes and should be kept on hand. The dark outer bark is also available. However,... Read more »

Skullcap Plant Benefits 6

Skullcap Plant Benefits

The skullcap plant is one of the best herbs for any nervous problem and should be in everyone’s herbal collection. It is a very reliable and safe nerve Read more »

Soy Pros and Cons: positive and negative aspects 7

Soy Pros and Cons: positive and negative aspects

Pros: Positives of Soy Consumption CANCER: Soy consumption reduces the risk of various types of cancer, mainly the following: Breast Prostate Colon At least two anticarcinogens have been identified in soy, such... Read more »

Siberian Pine Nut Oil Benefits 8

Siberian Pine Nut Oil Benefits

Siberian pine nut oil benefits have been known since ancient times. This excellent oil is also known as pine nut oil and is considered one of the most organic healing products. The... Read more »

Black Briony Benefits 9

Black Briony Benefits

Do not mistake the Read more »

Sassafras Tree Benefits 10

Sassafras Tree Benefits

Spaniards discovered the exuberant and Read more »