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The cassia fistula tree decorates the tropical areas of America. It is widespread in the Mexican regions of Tierra Caliente, from Morelos and Guerrero to Tabasco and Chiapas. Its medicinal properties as a laxative are highly appreciated and almost irreplaceable, thus being part of several laxative substances used worldwide.

cassia fistula medicinal uses

Cassia Fistula Tree Scientific Facts

  1. Other names: Cannafistula tree.
  2. French: Casse, cassier.
  3. Spanish: Canafistula.
  4. Environment: Native to tropical regions: India, Southeast Asia, the West Indies, Central America. It does not grow in Europe.
  5. Description: Tree of the Leguminosae family, with yellow flowers hanging in clusters. Its fruit is a cylindrical pod, ochre or black, containing black flesh with a sweet flavor besides the seeds.
  6. Parts of the plant used medicinally: The Flesh of the fruit.
cassia fistula fruit

Healing Properties and Indications

The thick and sweet black flesh of the cassia fistula tree fruit contains, besides several sugars and mucilage, a small amount of antraquinonic derivatives, among which the most important is rhein.

This mixture of active components gives the plant mild laxative properties, which lack any purgative or irritant effect on the intestine. It is thus beneficial for constipation, primarily due to the mildness of its action, for children and older adults with diseases.

cassia fistula leaves

How to use Cassia Fistula

  1. Dissolved flesh. From 30 to 60 g of flesh per liter of boiling water. Strain and drink one or two cups in the morning.
  2. Flesh. Directly eat the flesh. Five grams are enough to produce a laxative effect.


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