The Top 20 Best Herbs for Eczema

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Eczema is a term that is synonymous with dermatitis. It includes all skin inflammations with appropriate features, both from a clinical and from a histological point of view. So, in this article, let’s discuss the best herbs for eczema.

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Many factors can lead to eczema, some we know about, and some we do not. Besides the aggressive local factors which directly affect the skin, such as chemical products, radiation, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. Also, toxins in the blood can be a contributing agent of eczema since they are eliminated through the skin, which can irritate. It is what is popularly called ‘dirty blood.’ Therefore, the herbal therapy of eczema and dermatitis demands:

  • Local applications in the form of an eczema treatment cream, lotions, compresses, and poultices.
  • Internal treatments in the form of depurative plants such as pansy or the white birch tree, and with plants which promote liver functions such as dandelion and fumitory

Best Herbs for Eczema

best herbs for eczema

CARROT: Carrots are a skin emollient. Therefore, application, in the form of poultices, is used to heal eczema, acne, infected wounds, abscesses, and also as a cosmetic potion to make the skin more beautiful. This vegetable should be a staple in every eczema diet plan.

OAK TREE: Oak tree applied in compresses by soaking a cotton cloth reduces inflammation and heals the skin.

Evening primrose flower
Best herbs for eczema: Evening primrose

EVENING PRIMROSE: Evening primrose is an excellent treatment for dermatological problems, such as acne, wrinkles, and dry skin. In North America, the Algonquin Indians rubbed their skin with mashed evening primrose seeds to fight skin problems more than 500 years ago.

BILBERRY: Bilberry is very useful for people suffering from skin afflictions, such as eczema, varicose ulceration, and folliculitis. The juice of bilberries is locally applied in lotion, either fresh or concentrated through a decoction.

WATERCRESS: This plant is an excellent addition to the list of the best herbs for eczema because it possesses the ability to regenerate the skin. It also regenerates the skin in the case of acne and dermatosis.

Nettle Provides a Soothing Effect on Skin

The leaves of the stinging nettle plant
Best herbs for eczema: Nettle

NETTLE: Nettle is an emollient. Thanks to its soothing effect, it is recommended in chronic issues of the skin, especially eczema, skin eruptions, and acne. Nettles clean, regenerate and makes skin more beautiful.

LICORICE: This plant has been distributing its medicinal properties to the human race for over 2000 years. Today, it is a regular part of a variety of pharmaceutical preparations. Licorice is a well-tolerated herbal remedy for psoriasis, eczema, impetigo, and other dermatitis.

SOAPWORT: Soapwort in external applications can treat skin eczema and rashes.

GERMAN CAMOMILE: German chamomile is a plant that possesses many properties that have been proven by scientific research. One of its many uses is anti-inflammatory, applied in compresses on eczema, skin afflictions, and rashes.  

FUMITORY: This plant contains bitter principles and mucilage, which helps in skin eczema and rashes.

DANDELION: Because of this plant’s depurative effect, it is an excellent herbal remedy for eczema, cellulitis, furuncles, and rashes, which are all often caused by internal toxicity due to constipation.

Psyllium Protects and Reduces Inflammation of The Skin

LOOSESTRIFE: This plant has skin-soothing and healing properties, and it has a prominent regenerative effect on the epidermis. These properties make loosestrife an excellent herbal remedy for eczema, dermatosis, varicose ulceration, and infected wounds.

PSYLLIUM: When psyllium is applied locally as poultices, it aids in the protection and reduction of inflammation of the skin when it has been irritated from eczema, dermatosis, or rashes.

the leaves of the castor bean plant
Best herbs for eczema: Castor bean

CASTOR BEAN: Both the oil and the seeds of this plant have emollient and healing properties when used externally. Castor bean is helpful in cases of eczema, wounds, herpes, rashes, hair loss, and burns, all in the form of lotions and poultices.

WHITE BIRCH: Thanks to its depurative properties, white birch cleanses the skin from impurities, making it helpful in chronic eczema and cellulitis.

WILD TEASEL: Wild teasel cleanses the blood and the skin. Therefore, it is an excellent natural remedy for eczema, acne, and rashes. It increases sweating, which helps with the elimination of substances that irritate your skin.

Aloe Juice Promotes The Healing of Many Skin Afflictions

MILFOIL: This herbal remedy achieves good results when sufferers use the plants in local applications. Also, an infusion of milfoil is a great natural way to treat wounds, varicose ulcers, and other lesions of the skin. This plant is one of the best herbs for eczema because it also promotes the elimination of toxins through the skin and cleansing it. It is also helpful in improving the appearance of the epidermis and soothes it.

Aloe herbal remedy for eczema
best herbs for eczema:: Aloe

ALOE: The juice of the aloe plant, applied from lotion, promotes a favorable effect on psoriasis, skin eczema, acne, athlete’s foot, and herpes. Taking aloe orally also enhances its impact. In children, lotions that contain aloe juice is an excellent way to treat eczema caused by diapers, which makes it a superb eczema treatment for babies. It also helps alleviate itching and promote skin healing in cases of measles, rubella, and chickenpox.

BITTERSWEET NIGHTSHADE: When this plant is applied to the skin, it presents emollient and cicatrizant properties. It produces fantastic results for breast inflammation in breast-feeding women, infected ulcers, wounds, and eczema.

Pansy for eczema
best herbs for eczema: Pansy

PANSY: Pansy is on this list of the best herbs for eczema because it is an essential application for skin issues. It acts on the interior and the exterior of our body, cleansing the blood from the toxic waste which harms the skin, and in the exterior, due to its anti-inflammatory and cicatrizant properties. This homeopathic remedy works well on all kinds of eczema, even for babies on a milk diet (milk pustules), for allergic rashes, ringworm, impetigo, allergic rashes, senile dermatosis, herpes, psoriasis, and several other infections.

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