11 Foods for Healthy Bladder and Kidneys

In this article, you will learn about Foods for healthy bladder and kidneys.

The blood not only conveys the oxygen and nutrients that are essential for life but also assorted toxic and foreign substances that must be removed from the body. These substances come from:

Foods for healthy bladder and kidneys: Image of three pears
  • The body’s metabolic processes. When foods are utilized by the body, a series of toxins are generated that must be eliminated.
  • External contaminants entering the body through food.
  • Medications and foreign chemical substances.

The kidneys are the primary organs responsible for filtering and eliminating all of these toxic and foreign substances from the blood.

Fruits and vegetables, particularly those described in this article, are the foods that most facilitate the purifying function of the kidneys. Together with water, they are the kidney’s best friends.

Excess protein, particularly from animal sources, generates a lot of waste products that must be eliminated, overloading the kidneys.

A diet of plant-based foods is the most satisfactory for preventing the formation of calculi or stones in the kidneys. The only precaution that must be taken is to avoid certain plant-based foods that are rich in oxalic acid, but only in cases where there is a tendency to form calcium oxalate stones.

A study conducted at Washington State University formed a list of common foods that are rich in oxalic acid, increasing oxalate elimination through the urine. These are among those that should be avoided by those at risk of kidney stones: spinach, rhubarb, chard, nuts, chocolate, tea, bran, and strawberries.

Foods For Healthy Bladder and Kidneys

ASPARAGUS stimulates the kidneys, it is a good diuretic, which kindles urine production in the kidneys. It aids in eliminating fluids retained in the tissues. Those suffering from nephritis should consume asparagus in moderation because of its significant stimulant effect on the kidneys.

BLUEBERRY and CRANBERRY juices have remarkable antiseptic and antibiotic effects on the germs that cause urinary infections, particularly Escherichia coli. This has been proven in recent years, which is why they’re great foods for healthy bladder and kidneys.

MELON consumption enriches the blood with mineral salts and vitamins and facilitates the filtering capacity of the kidneys. After eating melon, the kidneys are better able to effectively remove waste material and toxins produced through metabolic processes.

CELERY’S essential oil helps with kidney stones, gout, an increase in uric acid and arthritis, thanks to its remarkable diuretic effect. This oil causes a dilation of the renal arteries, with the consequent increase in urine volume and excretion of waste substances such as urea and uric acid. Another great addition to the list of foods for healthy bladder and kidneys.

EGGPLANT increases urine output, stimulating the filtering capacity of the kidneys. Eating them is of benefit in cases of kidney stones, edema, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.

HAZELNUT is a great representative of the foods for healthy bladder and kidneys because it is a known preventer of kidney stones. Dr. Valnet, a distinguished French phytotherapist underscores the benefits of hazelnuts in preventing the formation of kidney stones. Making them a regular part of the diet of those suffering from renal lithiasis, particularly in cases of urate calculi, gives positive results. A handful of hazelnuts every morning gives good results.

WATERMELON is a great food for those suffering from disorders involving the kidneys and bladder (kidney failure, lithiasis, infection), and whenever a depurant treatment is called for to remove toxins from the blood. Treatment with watermelon may be done by alternating the fresh fruit with its juice, which is better tolerated in the stomach.

CANTALOUPES are equally effective in treating urinary conditions, with the added advantage of their greater beta-carotene content.

The PEAR stimulates renal function, thus it is a highly recommended fruit in cases of renal failure due to nephritis or nephrosis. In addition to containing no sodium and being very low in proteins, the pear is a good source of potassium and produces a mild diuretic effect, all of which benefit renal disorders. Abundant pear consumption is recommended in cases of cardiac, as well as renal edema.

Pear consumption also promotes the elimination of uric acid and other nitrogenated substances through the urine. They have an alkalizing effect on the blood, which is of benefit in detoxifying diets used to neutralize excess acid residues produced by a high-meat diet. The pear is another great addition to the list of foods for healthy bladder and kidneys.

LEMON is highly effective in eliminating uric acid, which is a waste product generated constantly within the body and must be eliminated in the urine. Excess uric acid is deposited in the joints causing arthritis and rheumatic pain. It produces nephritis in the kidneys. Lemon alkalizes the blood, thus facilitating the urinary elimination of the toxic waste material that the body constantly produces.

These substances are acidic, such as uric acid, so it may be said that as the lemon aids with their elimination, it cleanses the blood.

Lemon treatment is very effective in helping dissolve kidney stones, particularly when these are formed of uric acid salts.

The foods for healthy bladder and kidneys mentioned in this article should be eaten regularly, especially those with kidney issues.


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