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vitamin b2 foods
Soybeans: Best of the vitamin B2 foods

Chemical composition: riboflavin

Sources: widely distributed in all-natural foods of both plant and animal origin.


  • Energy production: Riboflavin is necessary for all chemical reactions in which energy is produced in the body from carbohydrates, fats, and when the former is lacking, from proteins.
  • Formation of pigments in the retina involved with vision.
  • Necessary for the synthesis of corticoid hormones in the cortex of the suprarenal glands. These hormones prepare the body to confront stress, among many other functions.
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Vitamin B2 deficiency symptoms: Fatigue, weakness, apathy, vision disorders, seborrheic dermatitis, skin eruptions, anemia.

Increased need: Stress, fatigue, dermatitis and eczema, vision disorders.

Loss during food processing: Even though riboflavin is quite heat resistant, 10% to 20% is lost during cooking. Dehydration and freezing have little effect.

Vitamin B2 Supplements

Top Vitamin B2 Foods

Food (per each 100 g of raw edible portion)Quantity
Cassava0.101 mg
Avocado0.122 mg
Alfalfa sprouts0.126 mg
Peanut0.135 mg
Popcorn with oil0.136 mg
Oats0.139 mg
English walnut0.148 mg
Borage0.150 mg
Chickpea0.212 mg
Chard0.220 mg
Rye0.251 mg
White bread0.341 mg
Buckwheat0.425 mg
Mushroom0.449 mg
Wheat germ0.499 mg
Bran0.577 mg
Soybean0.870 mg
Flatfish0.076 mg
Cream0.149 mg
Whole cow’s milk0.162 mg
Baked chicken0.168 mg
Natural yogurt0.214 mg
Ham0.252 mg
Beef0.280 mg
Hamburger0.300 mg
Salmon0.380 mg
Duck0.450 mg
Fresh egg0.508 mg
Roquefort cheese0.586 mg
Fresh egg yolk0.639 mg
% Daily Value (based on a 2000 calorie diet) provided by 100 g of this food


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