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foods high in phosphorus
foods high in phosphorus: Bran

When it comes to foods high in phosphorus, meat and fish come to mind; however, these food sources also contain very little calcium. This deficiency fosters osteoporosis because excess phosphorus reduces calcium absorption. On the other hand, grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables maintain close to the ideal 1:1 balance between these two minerals.

Chemical composition: mineral element.

Sources: Phosphorus is broadly distributed in both plant and animal-based foods, although it is found primarily in the latter. Meat-based diets present the risk of excess phosphorus rather than a lack.

Absorption: Phosphorus is much more easily absorbed than calcium. About 70% of the phosphorus present in foods is absorbed.

high phosphorus side effects
foods high in phosphorus: Sunflower seeds


  • It is involved along with calcium in the formation of bones and teeth.
  • It is involved in the chemical reactions that release energy.
  • It forms part of the nucleic acids DNA and RNA.
foods high in phosphorus: Soybeans

Phosphorus deficiency symptoms: muscle weakness, loss of appetite, bone pain.

People deficient in phosphorus: As important as or more than the absolute amount of phosphorus taken in with foods, is the need for a 1:1 balance with calcium. Adolescence, pregnancy, and nursing increase the demand for both minerals.

Losses during the processing of foods: very slight.

Top Foods High in Phosphorus

chart of the top sources of phosphorus


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