Wild Daisy Flower Benefits

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The wild daisy flower is pretty; however, it is tough and resilient as few plants are. When the weather is cold, when it rains, or when it snows, it bows down and closes itself. When the sun rises, the wild daisy opens up and says hello, following it across the sky. Wild daisy is a type of daisy, smaller than the common one.

The Spring season invites us to eat tasty wild salads, which have depurative and stimulating properties. The leaves of wild daisies, somewhat sweet, are a perfect combination with those of sorrel (bitter) and dandelion (bitter). A wonderful symphony of natural flavors! Next time you go to the countryside in springtime, enjoy it by servicing yourself a la carte a tasty and healthy wild salad.

Could anyone have told you that this humble plant made the German government go angry? German rulers demanded it be exterminated by the late 18th century because they accused the plant of provoking abortions. That accusation has never been proven.

wild daisy flower benefits for skin

Wild Daisy Flower Scientific Facts

  1. Other names: Bellflower, daisy.
  2. French: Paquerette, petiete marguerite.
  3. Spanish: Bellorita, margarita comun.
  4. Environment: Native to central Europe, it has spread all over the continent. It also grows in America, especially in northern areas. It grows in meadows and grasslands.
  5. Description: Plant of the Compositae family, usually growing between 10 and 15 cm high, with broad leaves forming a rose at the base of the plant. The flowers have a yellow disc and white or pink petals.
  6. Part of the plant used medicinally: The flowers and the leaves.
bellis perennis flower extract in skin care

Healing Properties and Indications

Its active medicinal components are most concentrated in the wild daisy flowers and the leaves: saponins, tannin, organic acids (malic, tartaric, acetic, oxalic, etc.), mineral salts, inulin, and essential oil.

From the Renaissance onwards, many properties have been attributed to the wild daisy flower, but according to its composition, the main ones are:

  1. Depurative, laxative, and mildly diuretic.
  2. Sudorific, febrifuge (decreases fever), and expectorant.
  3. Invigorator and appetizer (increases appetite).
  4. Vulnerary (heals wounds and heals bruises) when externally applied.

The use of wild daisy flowers and leaves is recommended in the following cases:

bellis perennis homeopathy personality
The wild daisy flower and leaves, when applied in compresses on the forehead, help lower fever. A herbal tea made with them is also recommended.
  1. Fever and infectious diseases (influenza, bronchitis, catarrh, measles, scarlet fever, parotitis, etc.). It promotes eliminating toxins and metabolic waste produced by infection (through urine and sweat) and invigorates the body, shortening its recovery period. Moreover, it decreases fever and helps expectoration. For high fever, we recommend putting compresses on the forehead with a decoction of flowers and leaves, in addition to taking it orally.
  2. Traumas, bruises, sprains, furuncles, sores, and as a rule, any skin or soft tissue lesion where an anti-inflammatory and cicatrizant (wound healing) action is required.

How to use Wild Daisy

  1. As a vegetable, especially raw, in salads and other dishes.
  2. Infusion with a large spoonful of flowers and/or leaves per cup of water. Drink two or three cups daily.
  3. Compresses soaked in a decoction made with 50-60 g of flowers and/or leaves per liter of water. Boil for two minutes, then steep for 15 minutes before straining. Apply the compresses on the affected skin area, changing them every hour.


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