Top 10 Amazing Foods to Eat With Gastritis

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In this article, you will about 10 foods to eat with gastritis. However, before we get into the foods to eat when you have gastritis, let’s learn a little more about the condition. Gastritis is an inflammation of the membrane which lines the stomach and can be both acute or chronic.

Guy with stomach pain sitting at the edge of his bed

The causes of acute gastritis include infections, most commonly viral but also bacterial or parasitic (termed gastroenteritis); drugs, especially aspirin and other anti-inflammatory agents; swallowing corrosive acids or alkalis; heavy drinking; unintentional consumption of a variety of poisonous mushrooms; allergic responses to certain foods; and stress-induced gastritis occurring in cases of severe burns, multiple injuries, or major surgical operations.

Chronic gastritis may be due to a variety of poorly understood causes, including certain infections, pernicious anemia, and the heavy use of tobacco and alcohol.

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Acute gastritis typically causes an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach, distension of the abdomen, headache, nausea, a coated tongue, and a bad taste in the mouth. Severe cases may include pain and tenderness in the upper abdomen, vomiting, fever, and sometimes bleeding from the stomach or black tarry stools. The symptoms of chronic gastritis are similar to those of acute gastritis, with the possible addition of discomfort in the upper abdomen after meals, tenderness over the stomach, and a general feeling of debility.

Top Foods to Eat With Gastritis

Foods to eat with gastritis: Image of stack of potatoes
Foods to eat with gastritis: Potatoes

POTATOES: When potatoes are healthfully prepared (boiled, baked, pureed, but not fried), they are pleasant and soothing to the stomach. This is because of their antacid effect, their soft texture, and the sedating substances they contain. Potatoes contribute decisively to curing gastritis.

OATS: Oats contain mucilage that acts to soothe and protect the gastric mucosa. Oatmeal is among the top foods to eat for gastritis.

RICE: Rice acts as an astringent (dries the mucosa) and anti-inflammatory in the stomach and intestine. As a result, it is highly recommended in cases of gastritis.

Bunch of carrots on a cutting board.
Foods to eat with gastritis: Carrots

TAPIOCA: Tapioca flour is rich in mucilage that provides significant emollient (soothing) and protective effects in the digestive tract. When cooked in the vegetable broth it is of great dietary value for those suffering from gastritis.

CARROTS: Carrots’ provitamin A and vegetable fiber content helps regulate gastric juice production and neutralizes excess acid. Raw, cooked, or in juice, carrots relieve stomach pain and help gastritis.

AVOCADO: Avocado soothes, reduces gastric inflammation, and protects the gastric mucosa, as well as neutralizing excess acid.

Baked Apples are Excellent for Gastritis

SQUASH: Squash pulp neutralizes excess acid and protects the gastric mucosa. Squash puree, with or without milk, is one of the best foods to eat with gastritis.

SAUERKRAUT: Helps prevent excess acid production in the stomach and reduces acid level. It protects and reduces inflammation in the stomach, as does cabbage.

CHERIMOYA: The creamy pulp of the cherimoya neutralizes excess acid and protects the gastric mucosa.

hand holding an apple
Foods to eat with gastritis: Apples

APPLE: Apples contain soluble fiber (pectin) as well as tannins that reduce inflammation of digestive mucosa affected by gastritis or colitis. Baked apples and apple compote are great foods to eat during an episode of acute gastritis.


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