17 Amazing Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

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Foods that lower blood pressure: Image of cloves of garlic.
Foods that lower blood pressure: Garlic

Here is a list of foods that lower blood pressure. However, before we start with the list, let’s learn a little more about this deadly condition. The blood must maintain a certain pressure in the arteries to properly circulate to all tissues. High blood pressure or hypertension is said to exist when one or both of these conditions:

  • Systolic (maximum) pressure exceeds 140 mm Hg.
  • Diastolic (minimum) pressure exceeds 90 mm Hg.

High blood pressure does not produce symptoms, but rather slowly deteriorate the arteries and various organs. Foods that lower blood pressure can play an important role in maintaining healthy pressure. The more simply prepared fruits and vegetables are eaten, the lower the hypertension risk.

Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor (contracts the arteries). Because of this, smoking causes an increase in blood pressure that can be detected after only one cigarette.

Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

DIURETIC FOODS: In some cases, these foods can be as effective as medications of diuretic action. Diuretics reduce blood volume by increasing the volume of urine; thus, blood pressure is maintained. Diuretic fruits and vegetables are also rich in potassium, fiber, and antioxidant vitamins, all of which exercise healing power on the cardiovascular system.

FRUIT: Eating large amounts of fresh fruit protects against hypertension. One meal a day consisting of fruit is a healthful habit for those suffering from hypertension, particularly if they are obese.

LEAFY GREEN VEGETABLES: All of these are rich in potassium and magnesium, which protect against hypertension. A salad or a dish of cooked greens without salt a day is an excellent custom for those suffering from hypertension, particularly if they are obese. It has been proven that a vegetarian diet lowers blood pressure.

depurant broth in a white bowl and spoon next to it
Foods that lower blood pressure: Depurant broth

DEPURANT BROTH: This is a broth with certain vegetables such as onions and celery. It is particularly effective in detoxifying the blood of waste materials that may cause hypertension and other chronic diseases. One half to one liter of this broth is drunk throughout the day in place of water.

LEGUMES: Legumes contain potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which are minerals that help control blood pressure and void hypertension. They also contribute to high fiber and very low sodium.

CELERY: Despite containing a certain amount of sodium, celery is a vasodilator and diuretic, and therefore appropriate for high blood pressure.

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tasty squash cut in half and waiting to be eaten
Foods that lower blood pressure: Squash

SQUASH: This is one of the richest foods in potassium and one of the lowest in sodium. Those with hypertension may eat squash daily as it is considered a very heart-friendly food.

GARLIC: Garlic is a vasodilator (dilates the arteries) and a hypotensor (lowers blood pressure), although it is necessary to eat a certain amount (several cloves) to achieve this effect.

GUAVA: It has been shown that a few guavas a day effectively reduce blood pressure moderately.

PEAR: Because of their diuretic action and richness in potassium, pears are among the most effective fruits on the list of foods that lower blood pressure.

GRAPEFRUIT: This is effective in protecting the arteries; it is diuretic and improves blood fluidity, which makes it a great addition to the list of foods that lower blood pressure.

MILK WHEY: Milk whey is nutritious and an effective depurant. As a result, it is used in hypertension treatments and for other chronic diseases.

FIBER: The more fiber in the diet, the lower the risk of hypertension.

POTASSIUM: A potassium-rich diet protects against hypertension and its negative consequences. Plant-based foods are the richest in potassium.

CALCIUM: Calcium deficiency can lead to hypertension. Dairy products are a good source of this mineral, but so are some plant-based foods such as legumes, nuts, broccoli, and cabbage.

MAGNESIUM: Magnesium deficiency predisposes to hypertension. Nuts, legumes, and wheat germ are all good foods that lower blood pressure. They’re also great sources of magnesium.

FISH OIL: Fish oil supplements can contribute to a reduction in hypertension due to their richness in omega-3 fatty acids. However, it has been shown that they can increase cholesterol, particularly when used by hypertension patients. As a result, they must be used sparingly.


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