Foods To Eat With Colitis

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Foods to eat with colitis: Vegetables

Finding the right foods to eat with colitis is an all-important first step in controlling this condition. Colitis is inflammation of the colon, an essential portion of the large bowel. It manifests itself in loose or diarrheic feces that may contain mucus or blood. It is generally the consequence of infection; however, it can be caused by allergic reactions to certain foods in your diet. Also, the overuse of antibiotics and laxatives can play a role in this condition.

A gentle colitis diet plan that is easy on the colon can contribute significantly to its cure. Therefore, the right foods to eat with colitis are also useful in diarrhea cases and various other stomach ailments. Wheat bran can cause colitis in constipated individuals who use it excessively as a laxative.

Top Foods to Eat With Colitis

1. VEGETABLES: The best foods to eat during colitis flare-ups are vegetables, including the green leafy kind, which are generally well accepted by the digestive system in colitis cases, and there is no reason for not eating them. It is preferable to eat them cooked. However, certain tender vegetables may be eaten raw in a salad. The soluble fiber, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that vegetables provide help restore the colon’s mucosa.

foods to eat with colitis
Zucchini: one of the top foods to eat with colitis

2. ZUCCHINI: People living with this condition always ask the question, “what food should I eat with colitis?” Well, one of the solutions to that problem is zucchini. This food is soothing to the intestine, as well as the rest of the digestive tract. The benefits of this food are well tolerated in all types of colitis, including ulcerative colitis. Zucchini is an excellent addition to any Crohn’s and colitis diet, thanks to its mucilage content responsible for its soothing properties. This food is also beneficial in cases of indigestion, gastritis, and irritable bowel.

3. IRON: Colitis usually results in anemia due to a lack of iron. Molasses, sesame, and green leafy vegetables are good sources of this mineral and are well tolerated in colitis cases. Pharmacological iron supplements, on the other hand, may irritate the intestine and aggravate the condition.

4. VITAMIN A: Vitamin A is essential to the cells’ health that forms the mucosa that lines the body’s hollow organs such as the intestine.

Foods to Avoid With Colitis

1. WHEAT BRAN: Eating wheat bran irritates the intestinal mucosa because of its roughness and its insolubility in water. It should be avoided in all cases of colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Foods to avoid with colitis: Coffee

2. REFINED BAKED GOODS: Refined baked goods made with white flour and sugar can make the condition worse by aggravating the symptoms of colitis; therefore, these foods should be avoided.

3. MILK: Milk worsens this condition’s symptoms because of the lactose that it contains, which is well digested by some people. Consumption of milk can lead to irritation and dysbacteriosis of the colon.

4. COFFEE: The essences that give coffee its aroma, which is also present in decaffeinated coffee, are exceptionally irritating to the intestinal mucosa. All coffee must be eliminated in cases of colitis.

5. HOT SPICES: Hot spices irritate the digestive tract from the mouth to the anus. They should be avoided in any inflammatory process of the digestive system, such as colitis.


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