20 Amazing Foods That Help With Diarrhea

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Before we get into the foods that help with diarrhea, let’s learn a little more about it. Diarrhea is a condition that consists of the expulsion of soft or liquid feces much more frequently than normal. This results in the loss of water and mineral salts that must be replaced. Children and the elderly are most sensitive to fluid imbalance.

foods that help with diarrhea: image of okra
Foods that help with diarrhea

In cases of severe diarrhea, only water and some of these fluids should be taken for 24 to 48 hours.

  • Vegetable broth (rich in mineral salts)
  • Oral rehydrating serum (this may be prepared by mixing a teaspoon of salt and four tablespoons of sugar in a liter of water)
  • Diluted lemon juice
  • Teas made from astringent medicinal plants.
  • Infant formulas and/or soymilk for nursing infants

Causes of all diarrheas should be diagnosed. The most frequent are gastric infections, food toxins, food allergies, or food intolerance.

In addition to a specific treatment, once the acute phase has passed, one can give foods mildly astringent and anti-inflammatory for the intestinal mucosa, such as those described in this article. Before consuming any of these foods that help with diarrhea, make sure to consult with a medical professional.

Top Foods That Help With Diarrhea

Glass of soymilk and a bowl of soybeans on a cutting board with soybean overflow on the table
Foods that help with diarrhea: Soymilk

SOYMILK (BEVERAGE): Soymilk is useful in infant diet to replace cow’s milk in the case of allergy to milk proteins, something that can cause persistent diarrhea and malnutrition. It is also useful in cases of diarrhea or intestinal disorders caused by lactose intolerance (soymilk contains no lactose), or diarrhea from any other cause.

ALMOND MILK: This nutritious beverage may be used as a substitute for cow’s milk as well; especially in cases of severe diarrhea or loose stool, particularly in nursing infants. When compared with cow’s milk, almond milk is well tolerated in the intestine and prevents diarrhea.

TIGER NUT: This tuber is very nutritious and contains various enzymes that facilitate the digestion of carbohydrates and fats. Thus, it replaces intestinal enzymes, whose production is diminished in cases of gastroenteritis. The most common use of the tiger nut is to drink it as horchata.

Pomegranates are Highly Recommended for People With Diarrhea

three green apples waiting to be eaten
Foods that help with diarrhea: Apples

APPLE: Among the other foods that help with diarrhea, apples and the balanced proportion of its components (emollient and detoxifying pectin, astringent tannins, and antiseptic organic acids) gives them awesome healing powers in cases of intestinal disorders. When eaten alone (preferably applesauce, baked, or stewed) it can stop diarrhea from virtually any cause in a few days.

QUINCE: This is an effective astringent (dries the mucosa) and anti-inflammatory for the entire digestive tract. It is recommended as one of the first solid foods for those recovering from diarrhea.

PERSIMMON: Persimmons contain a certain amount of tannins that make it astringent, particularly when it is somewhat unripe. It is also rich in mucilage, which protects and soothe the gastric mucosa. All of this helps cure diarrhea and restore inflamed intestinal mucosa.

POMEGRANATE: Pomegranates are astringent and anti-inflammatory within the digestive tract. They are highly recommended as one of the many foods that help with diarrhea when caused by gastroenteritis or colitis.

LOQUAT These are astringent and help to regulate movement within the intestine while providing mineral salts and vitamins. Loquats may be used as a first solid food after severe diarrhea.

Top Supplements That Help With Diarrhea

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Oats are an Excellent Food for Diarrhea

BANANA: Bananas, which are nutritious and gentle to the intestinal mucosa, help stop diarrhea. They are rich in potassium, a mineral that is lost in severe cases of diarrhea.

CARROT: Because of their richness in pectin, carrots absorb intestinal toxins and protect its mucosa. Their rich in beta-carotene content promotes the health of its cells. Thanks to all of this, carrots are effective against diarrhea and help restore intestinal function.

PAPAYA: Papayas are emollient, protecting the intestinal mucosa. They also exercise a significant antiseptic action against various pathogens. When they are eaten ripe, they are highly recommended for infectious diarrhea.

BILBERRY: Bilberries are an intestinal astringent and antiseptic. They are very useful in cases of diarrhea caused by disbacteriosis (imbalance of the intestinal flora).

SAPOTE: Sapotes are a good intestinal astringent because of their richness in tannins, which help stop diarrhea. They also provide energy in the form of carbohydrates, as well as vitamin C and minerals.

RICE: Of all grains, rice is the best tolerated by the digestive system because of its lack of gluten. It helps restore proper digestive function.

OATS: Oats are a highly nutritious grain that provides soluble fiber that protects the intestine, promoting its healthy function. It regulates intestinal movement, which is as useful in cases of constipation as it is for diarrhea. It is best eaten as oatmeal.

Chestnuts Help Regulate Movement in The Intestine

TAPIOCA: This nutritious flour is rich in mucilage, which soothes, reduces inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, and contributes to its restoration in case of diarrhea. It is most effective when eaten cooked in vegetable broth.

CHESTNUT: Chestnuts have a mild astringent effect and help regulate movements in the intestine. They are also, a good source of carbohydrates, B group vitamins, and potassium.

CAROB: Carobs are a type of legume (seeds covered by a pod). Its pulp is rich in carbohydrates and astringent tannins. Flour made from carob can be eaten as a cereal.

OKRA: This vegetable is very rich in emollient mucilage that protects the intestinal mucosa. It is particularly beneficial in cases of diarrhea caused by colitis or intestinal inflammation.

bowl of delicious yogurt with a spoon on top of the bowl
Foods that help with diarrhea: Yogurt

YOGURT: Many studies confirm that yogurt increases resistance to infections of the digestive tract. They also aid in healing gastrointestinal infections. Yogurt is one of the superior foods that help with diarrhea.


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