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fiber-rich foods
Fiber-rich foods

All fiber-rich foods are exclusively plant-based. Plant-based foods all contain some fiber in their natural state, particularly whole grains (unrefined) and legumes.

plate of five delicious bran muffins
Fiber-rich foods: Bran muffins

The daily average value of fiber-rich foods for an adult is 25 grams (between 20 and 35 g, according to the American Dietetic Association). To achieve this amount is not a problem with a plant-based diet. However, this is not the case in diets primarily based on animal products.

You can determine the minimum amount of daily fiber via fiber-rich foods for children older than three years old by adding five to their age in years (years +5). For example, for a ten-year-old child, the amount would be 15 grams.

Chemical Composition and Description of Fiber

Dietetic fiber is formed by various substances such as cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin, gums, mucilage, and other polysaccharides sharing the following characteristics:

  • They are of plant origin.
  • They are generally found in the plant’s cell walls, although some types of fiber, such as gums and mucilage, are found in the cellular cytoplasm.
  • They are indigestible in the small intestine. Some are partially digested by bacteria in the colon, causing flatulence.


how many grams of fiber in an apple
Fiber-rich foods

Fiber deficiency symptoms include constipation, diverticulosis, arteriosclerosis, and greater cancer risk.

Too much fiber can reduce the absorption of iron, zinc, and other minerals. Excessive insoluble fiber can irritate the intestine producing colitis.

Loss during the processing of foods: refined grains lose as much as 95% of their fiber.

Fiber-Rich Foods List

Olive oil0 g
Brown sugar0 g
White sugar0 g
Honey0.200 g
Cucumber0.800 g
Red tomato1.10 g
Potato1.60 g
White bread2.30 g
Cauliflower2.50 g
Apple2.70 g
Whole-grain rice  3.40 g
Peas  5.10 g
Artichoke  5.40 g
Raspberry  6.80 g
Prune  7.10 g
Date  7.50 g
Oats10.6 g
Almond10.9 g
Whole-wheat flour12.2 g
Light rye flour14.6 g
Barley17.3 g
Lentils30.5 g
Bran42.8 g
Milk  0 g
Fish  0 g
Shellfish  0 g
Meat  0 g
Meat products  0 g
% Daily Value (based on a 2000 calorie diet) provided by 100 g of this food


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