Guanabana Benefits

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Guanabana benefits come primarily from the fruit, leaves, and the flowers of this tree, which can reach a weight of 2 kg and contains a whitish flesh with a pleasant flavor, similar to that of the custard apple, though more acid. It is highly valued because of its medicinal properties and also as a food.

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guanabana benefits
Guanabana benefits

Guanabana Tree Scientific Facts

  1. Scientific synonym: Annona muricata L.
  2. Other names: Corossol, soursop bush.
  3. French: Anone, cachiman epineux.
  4. Spanish: Guanabano.
  5. Environment: Native to Mexico and the West Indies, now spread in tropical areas of America, Africa, and Asia.
  6. Description: Tree of the Annonaceae family, growing from 6 to 8 m high, with a straight trunk and smooth bark. The leaves are large, lanceolate, deep green on their upper side, and whitish on their underside. The fruit is large, covered with soft thorns.
  7. Parts of the plant used medicinally: The fruit, the leaves, and the flowers.

Guanabana Benefits and Healing Properties

what are the benefits of soursop

The flesh of the guanabana contains easily assimilated sugars, a small number of proteins and fats, and vitamin B and C, and mineral salts, especially potassium and phosphorus salts. It has astringent, cholagogue (ease the emptying of the gall bladder), digestive, and vermifuge properties. It is recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure, obesity, heart disorders, and diabetes.

The LEAVES of the guanabana tree are used in infusion as antidiarrheic and digestive. When locally applied in the form of poultice, they have anti-inflammatory properties in the case of mumps.

The FLOWERS have pectoral and febrifuge properties, thus being used as herbal teas in influenza and bronchial catarrh.

guanabana leaves health uses

How to use Guanabana

  1. The fruit is taken fresh or as a juice sweetened with honey.
  2. Infusion of leaves. Prepared with two or three leaves per cup of water. Drink three or four cups daily.
  3. Infusion of flowers. With one or two flowers per cup of water. Drink three or four cups a day.
  4. Poultices with mashed leaves applied below the ear.


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