Natural Herbs for Energy

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Some people may be surprised to see that natural herbs for energy with an excitant action on the nervous system, commonly regarded as drugs, are included in an article on medicinal herbs.

Firstly, we consider that, given they are herbs whose use and abuse are pretty widespread, unfortunately, in our modern competitive culture, it is worth knowing their composition, properties, and effects on the body.

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Moreover, from a strictly pharmacological point of view, we cannot deny that some of these natural herbs for energy, or their active principles, may provide particular therapeutic action. For instance, this is the case with tea and yerba maté, and to a lesser degree with coffee and coca leaves in their natural state, which may alleviate certain afflictions when there are no other more effective and safer remedies.

On the other hand, is tobacco. After much research on the plant to find any positive action with the medicinal application, no results have been obtained. Therefore, it makes sense that people drawn to phytotherapy know the effects of these plants. Even though they are almost always noxious, they may help ease or provisionally cure sickness in some instances.

However, one must always keep in mind that their use is never indispensable, and it is possible to find other remedies with less undesirable side effects.

natural herbs for energy with a cup of yerba mate tea

Continuous use is Problematic

The continuous and regular use of these natural herbs for energy brings about numerous ideally identified and proven health problems. In herbs containing caffeine, such as coffee, tea, and yerba maté, the so-called caffeine syndrome occurs, also known as caffeinism, whose features are the following:

  • Alterations of the normal sleep-walking rhythm.
  • Nervous irritability.
  • Increase of the heartbeat rhythm and arrhythmia (typical heartbeat disorders).
  • Chronic gastritis and colitis.

In the case of herbs containing nicotine or cocaine, such as tobacco or coca, the consequences of chronic use are more evident and severe, especially in the case of coca. The deterioration of certain organic functions such as the nervous system and the heart is progressive, inevitable, and in most cases, irreversible. An example of this could be brain atrophy in cocaine addicts or chronic bronchitis in habitual smokers.

Find Healthy Alternatives

All of the herbs described in the table below can provoke addiction, that is to say, an urge to keep on taking them. Like other drugs, first one takes them to get better, then one takes them not to feel sick. Thus, we consider that their consumption should be substituted by that of other herbs which do not generate addiction, which provide a mild and physiological stimulus with no toxic risk, and whose consumption is equally tasteful.

Besides the alternatives given for coffee and coca, one should consider the invigorating herbs recommended for tiredness and asthenia.

Natural Herbs for Energy

CocaCoffee treeIndian tobacco
Yerba maté  

Alternatives to Coffee

The infusions of these herbs do not contain any caffeine, and their medicinal properties, have an agreeable aroma.

Oak treeDandelion
ChicoryStinking weed

Alternatives to Tea

These herbs substitute classical tea because they do not contain caffeine nor theine, besides being aromatic and medicinal. Many other herbal infusions may substitute tea, for example, peppermint with wild marjoram or balm with chamomile.

New Jersey teaGarden violet
White dryasRock’s tea

The nicotine in tobacco provokes temporary stimulation or excitation, followed by depression of the functions of the central and automatic nervous system. The results of its use cause an irritative imbalance of the nervous system.

With the roasted roots of the dandelion, mixed if preferred with those of chicory, one may prepare a very healthy substitute for coffee with a tasty aroma.


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