Anxiety and Depression 1

Anxiety and Depression

An occasional occurrence of anxiety and depression is perfectly normal, especially when responding to the many stressors of life today. Unfortunately, these feelings can become prolonged and disproportionate for no apparent reason.... Read more »

Foods That Help You Sleep 2

Foods That Help You Sleep

Eating the right foods that help you sleep just before bedtime will influence how well you snooze. The variety of foods one eats impacts the ability to sleep well. When these foods... Read more »

Anti Anxiety Foods 3

Anti Anxiety Foods

The consumption of anti anxiety foods goes a long way in treating this condition. Anxiety is an undesirable and unjustified emotional state, primarily psychosomatic. It initially affects the brain and then the... Read more »

Foods That Reduce Stress 4

Foods That Reduce Stress

Stress is produced when life events, whether physical or psychological, are more significant than the ability to cope. Thankfully, there is a direct link between nutrition and stress reduction. Therefore, it is... Read more »

Types of Headaches 5

Types of Headaches

The types of headaches you get are accompanying symptoms of many diseases, and virtually everyone has experienced one at some time or another. Fortunately, only a few are serious. The brain itself... Read more »

Mental Health Disorders 6

Mental Health Disorders

Discover the truth about mental health disorders. The human brain is unquestionably the most intricate structure known to man. Its capacity to discriminate, judge, exercise self-control, and make choices and decisions gives... Read more »

18 Foods That Help With Depression 7

18 Foods That Help With Depression

Before we get into foods that help with depression, let’s learn a little more about this serious condition. Depressed individuals, in general, tend to crave refined sweets (pastries, candy, chocolate, etc.) that... Read more »