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foods high in calcium
Foods high in calcium: Sesame seeds

When you think about the many foods high in calcium, most people will automatically think, “milk.” However, milk and dairy products are not by any means; the only source of calcium. For example, Sesame is the richest plant or vegan source of calcium, much richer than most cheeses. Also, orange is one of the fresh fruits richest in calcium.

  • Chemical composition: Mineral element.
  • Sources: Milk and dairy products are well known as the best sources of calcium. However, many plant-based foods provide as much or more calcium as milk: Sesame, blackstrap molasses, almonds, beans, and corn. Cabbage, broccoli, and oranges are also good sources of calcium.
  • Absorption: Only 20% to 30% of calcium present in foods is absorbed in the intestine, even though at times of rapid growth, pregnancy, or nursing, it may rise to 40%. The rest is lost through feces.
    • Facilitators of absorption: vitamin D, proteins in the diet, the lactose in milk, and acidity in the intestinal bolus.
    • Inhibitors of absorption: excess phosphorus, as occurs in diets rich in fish and meat; the phytates found in bran, even though the leavening in whole bread causes phytates to disappear partially, oxalates present in rhubarb, spinach, and other green leafy vegetables; excess fat the diet.
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Foods high in calcium: Blackstrap molasses

Although phytates and oxalates reduce calcium absorption from grains and vegetables, respectively, both types of foods remain useful sources of calcium. Meat and fish, except sardines, are lacking in calcium.

  • Function: Calcium is involved in bone and tooth formation, muscular contraction, nerve impulse transmission, and blood coagulation.
  • Calcium deficiency: rickets, osteoporosis.
  • Increased need: adolescence, pregnancy, and nursing.
  • Calcium loss during the processing of foods: lost only as calcium salts dissolve in the cooking water.

Top Foods High in Calcium

Calcium foods chart


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