Health Benefits of Cucumbers: beautifies and cleanses the skin

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Before we get into the health benefits of cucumbers, let us learn more about this fantastic fruit; yes, cucumbers are fruits. As a result of their superior water content, they are among the lowest calorie food in your salad. However, this does not impede it from being the fourth most cultivated in the world, behind tomatoes, cabbage, and onions. China and Russia are the major producing countries.

The cucumber is native to the south of Asia, although it spread rapidly throughout the ancient world. The Romans, the Greeks, and the Egyptians knew and enjoyed them. Eating cucumber is like drinking a glass of water. Bearing that ninety-six percent of its weight is water, a 250-gram cucumber contains 240 grams of water. However, this does not diminish their nutritional value. Those 10 grams of solid material in a 250-gram cucumber are of great biological importance and healing power.

health benefits of cucumbers

Cucumber Scientific Facts

  1. Scientific name – Cucumis sativus L.
  2. French – Concombre.
  3. Spanish – Pepino.
  4. German – Gurke.
  5. Description – Fruit of the ‘Cucumis sativus’ L., a herbaceous vine of the botanical family Cucurbitaceae, reaches approximately one meter in height. Cucumbers are eaten unripe since ripe specimens lose their crispness and become spongy and yellow. They measure from 15 to 25 cm and are about 1.97 inches in diameter.
  6. Environment – Cucumbers are grown worldwide, both in the fresh air and in greenhouses.
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Health Benefits of Cucumbers

Cucumbers are among the most water-rich foods. Their protein, carbohydrate, and fat content are nearly nonexistent. They also contain small amounts of provitamin A and vitamins B, C, and E. Their high dietary and therapeutic value resides in their highly alkaline minerals. They contain potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and various trace elements, most notably sulfur. Cucumbers have the following medicinal properties:

Alkalizer – They neutralize excess acidic waste produced in the body due to the consumption of animal-based foods.

Depurant – They facilitate the elimination of waste substances from the bloodstream through urine or the skin.

Diuretic – They increase urine output.

Laxative – Given their high water and soluble fiber content, they facilitate the movement of the feces through the intestine.

The following are the main health benefits of cucumber:

woman massaging cucumber on her face

Skin conditions – Cucumbers provide the skin with important hydration and the sulfur necessary for healthy skin cells, hair, and nails. Altogether, they “purify” the bloodstream of toxic wastes. They are recommended for all suffering from psoriasis, dermatosis, and eczema. Employed locally precisely on the skin, cucumbers are an efficient beauty therapy.

The best results are attained by merging cucumbers’ interior properties and their exterior impact on the skin. This is accomplished by:

  • Massaging it directly on the skin.’
  • Cutting thin slices and placing them on affected skin areas.

Constipation – Due to their intestinal atony.

Excess uric acid and a rich diet based on animal proteins and derivatives since it accelerates the removal of uric acid and other waste elements.

Weight loss, because they comprise very few calories and produce a certain feeling of satiety.

Diabetes, because of their low carbohydrate content while providing a certain amount of vitamins and minerals.


Cucumbers are somewhat indigestible and may not be well tolerated by those suffering from dyspepsia or weak stomachs. The fact that they are usually eaten green contributes to this problem. To improve tolerance, they should be well chewed, and specimens that are too green and bitter should be avoided. They should always be peeled.

man eating cucumber

How to use and Prepare Cucumbers

  1. Raw – Cucumbers are usually eaten this way. Since they are harvested unripe, they must be well chewed to prevent indigestion. They may be consumed in a salad with oil and lemon or blended with tomato and other vegetables to make gazpacho. They should be peeled to avoid pesticide residue if they have not been organically grown.
  2. Cooked – They may be baked with cheese, used in soups, or cooked with other vegetables.
  3. Pickled – A particular type of more miniature cucumber is prepared in salt and vinegar to preserve them. Because of these two products, pickles are rather unhealthful.


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