Herbs For The Digestive System

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Almost all medicinal herbs for the digestive system affect the entire system. The herbs we describe on this page act on all digestive organs, including the stomach, the intestine, the liver, and the pancreas. These herbs promote digestion through two primary actions:

  1. By activating the peristaltic movements, or contractions, of the digestive tract, which cause the passage of the intestines contents. When these contractions are not intense enough or ineffective, the bolus does not pass adequately. Thus, digestion is slow, and the intestine becomes bloated.
  2. Boosting the production of digestive juices in the stomach, the intestine, and the pancreas. A lack of juices makes digestion slower.

A correct, natural, healthy diet is required for these plants to be effective. No medical herb or medicine can compensate for the adverse effects caused by an unhealthy diet.

man crouching over with stomach pain

Herbs For the Digestive System

German CamomileGingerGuinea sorrel
PaprikaPepperBlack pepper
PeppermintPoison black cherryRoman chamomile
Rose of ChinaRoyal dittanyScurvy grass
SilverweedSummer savorySweet pepper
Tiny savoryVanillaWhite savory
Winter savoryWoodruffYellow bedstraw

Types of Digestive Disorders

ginger is just one of the herbs good for the digestive system

Bad breath: Abnormal smell of the exhaled air, usually caused by mouth (pyorrhea), gastric (retention of in stomach), or intestinal (fermentation) disorders. Besides these herbs, all those used in the case of pyorrhea, dyspepsia, and intestinal fermentation can be administered.

Appetite, lack of: Any disorders affecting the digestive system, from the esophagus to the intestine, can produce a lack of appetite. This can also be caused by psychological disorders (anorexia nervosa). Before trying any treatment, a professional should diagnose the causes of the lack of appetite.

More Digestive Herbs

The following herbs have a favorable effect on the digestive process by controlling the stomach and the intestine movements (peristaltic movements) and increasing the secretion of gastric juices, which are necessary for good digestion.

LicoriceMother of thymeRoman Camomile
CarawayFennelGerman Camomile
PeppermintMarjoramWinter Savory
DandelionSweet FlagPineapple
Papaya TreeLesser CentauryChicory
Cinnamon TreeSt. Benedict ThistleColombo
CondurangoStar AniseRock’s Tea
LaurelLemon VerbenaMosquito plant
LovageGromwellOswego Tea
fennel seeds in a wooden spoon

Abdominal pain is usually caused by functional digestion disorders, such as “nervous stomach,” excess gas, bloated stomach or slow digestion, inadequate food mixtures, or constipation. Herbs good for the digestive system to regulate and balance the digestive process. If the causes of disorders are suppressed.

Fennel belongs to the “Umbelliferae” botanical family, and anise, cumin, and coriander, among other plants. These herbs contain essences with digestive and carminative (against intestinal gas) properties.

No herbal remedy, plant-based treatment, or medicine-based one can compensate for digestive disorders caused by an unhealthy diet.


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