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foods that help you sleep
foods that help you sleep

Eating the right foods that help you sleep just before bedtime will influence how well you snooze. The variety of foods one eats impacts the ability to sleep well. When these foods are eaten, they also play a significant role. A heavy meal, even that comprising of healthy foods, can disrupt sleep. Ideally, both for rest and digestion, eating two to three hours before bed is not recommended.

The only thing that those suffering from lack of sleep should consume before going to bed is a cup of malt beverage or sedative herbs with honey.

Top Foods that Help you Sleep

food to avoid sleep while studying
Foods that help you sleep: Oats

1. OATS: Oats provide carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and B vitamins necessary for the proper functions of the nervous system. Oats also contain a substance called avenin, which is a mild sedative. Oats can be eaten at supper as oatmeal or in a vegetable soup, but at least two hours before retiring. Eating oats regularly, including oat water, is highly beneficial in the cases of nervousness, fatigue or mental exhaustion, insomnia, and depression. On the other hand, It should be included in students’ diet, particularly at exam time; oats are the perfect food to avoid sleep while studying.

2. MALT BEVERAGE: What to drink before bed to help sleep? Among the many drinks that help you sleep, this is the best. It does not excite the nervous system like coffee, and it improves digestion. You can drink it hot with honey at bedtime. A nice hot malt beverage will be a great addition to any sleep drink recipe.

Foods That Help You Sleep 1
Foods that help you sleep: Honey

3. HONEY: Honey is one of those things to help you sleep because it has a mild sedative effect. It can be taken at night with an infusion made from sedating plants such as valerian, linden blossom, hops, or malt beverage.

4. CARBOHYDRATES: A diet rich in carbohydrates fosters the synthesis of tryptophan, an amino acid that the brain converts to serotonin, a sedative neurotransmitter.

5. LETTUCE: A supper based on a lettuce salad about two hours before retiring promotes sleep.

Foods to Avoid Before Bed

foods to avoid before bed
Foods to avoid before bed: Chocolate

1. STIMULANT BEVERAGES: Because of their caffeine content, they excite the nervous system and make sleep difficult. The effect of a cup of coffee lasts from three to six hours.

2. CHOCOLATE: This is also a stimulant and interferes with sleep, making it one of the foods to avoid before bed.

3. SPICES: A supper consisting of hot, spicy foods produces a stimulant effect and interferes with sleep. Spices are among the top foods that disrupt sleep.

4. MEAT: Meat contains a stimulant; additionally, it is protein-rich. These can interfere with sleep.

5. MATURED CHEESES: These contain hypertensive amines that stimulate the nervous system.

6. PROTEINS: Foods rich in proteins, particularly meat and matured cheeses, reduce the production of tryptophan and serotonin. This results in a certain level of excitation within the nervous system and interferes with sleep in sensitive individuals. This effect is more pronounced if these proteins are consumed for supper at night.

7. SOFT DRINKS: All carbonated drinks (with gas), particularly those containing caffeine, make sleep difficult, particularly for children.


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