7 Amazing Foods to Eat with Stomach Flu

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The stomach flu or gastroenteritis is the inflammation of the mucosa that lines the stomach and intestine, primarily the small intestine. Food-transmitted microorganisms (viruses and bacteria) or diarrheic toxins, such as those in shellfish, is problematic. Salmonella bacteria, found in primarily eggs and meat, are a primary cause. Therefore, finding the right foods to eat with stomach flu is essential.

Gastroenteritis manifests itself by nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and occasional fever. Throughout the first 24 to 48 hours, you should drink only liquids as described in 20 foods that help with diarrhea. Fruit juices are a terrible idea since they tend to aggravate diarrhea. The first foods to eat with stomach flu should be those in this article, followed by those recommended for diarrhea.

Best foods to eat with stomach flu

WATER: Any gastroenteritis diet plan must include water. The reason is any infection or inflammation of the gastric or intestinal mucosa provokes the elimination of large amounts of water through feces. Therefore, the replacement of this lost water is a priority in the treatment of stomach flu. The water given can be pure or with lemon. Infusions based on astringent plants are also useful.

DEPURANT BROTH: This vegetable broth is the best soup for stomach flu, it is very rich in alkalizing mineral salts (particularly potassium) that compensates for the losses caused by diarrhea.

LEMON: Because of its antiseptic effect, lemons are capable of eliminating many of the pathogens that cause gastroenteritis. Lemon juice diluted with water is most effective.

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Foods to eat with stomach flu: Image of apples on the tree

APPLE: The best thing to eat after a stomach bug is apples. You can prepare them as applesauce or bake them. They’re one of the best tolerated solid foods in case of stomach flu. Apples also have remarkable healing properties on the intestinal mucosa. The fiber in apples (pectin) is an excellent absorbent that cleanses the intestine. It also restores the physiological bacterial flora acting in combination with the organic acids that you also find in apples.

RICE: Boiled white rice is among the great dinner ideas after a stomach bug. Because it is well tolerated and nutritious, it has a long tradition as being a staple of a stomach flu diet for ages.

BANANA: Bananas are nutritious, gentle on the intestinal mucosa, and rich in potassium. During bouts of stomach flu, potassium is one of the minerals that suffer the most loss.

GARLIC: The essence of this herb is an effective antibiotic, acting on the pathogens that cause gastroenteritis. However, in contrast to stomach flu medicine or medicinal antibiotics, it protects the natural flora in the intestine, which makes it one of the most powerful foods to eat with stomach flu.

Foods to avoid with stomach flu

MILK: When the mucosa of the small intestine is inflamed, as, in the case of gastroenteritis, the production of lactase and other digestive enzymes halts to a crawl. Accordingly, the body cannot properly digest lactose, which further inflames the intestine. Milk can worsen the symptoms of stomach flu.

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EGGS: Eggs can carry the bacteria responsible for gastroenteritis (salmonella in particular). Mayonnaise, which is a product of raw eggs, is a leading contributor. Therefore, avoid eggs and egg products in cases of a stomach bug. However, you can consume boiled eggs (at least three minutes to reduce the risk of contamination) once the acute phase has passed. Therefore, boiled eggs and not scrambled eggs after stomach flu is best.

CHICKEN: Salmonella and other gastroenteritis-causing pathogens contaminate chicken with a particular frequency. Therefore, it may precipitate or aggravate the disease.

SHELLFISH: Shellfish is one of the main foods to avoid with stomach flu. For instance, shellfish consumption is one of the most frequent causes of intestinal infections. Avoid clams, oysters, mussels, etcetera because they are also difficult to digest and aggravate gastrointestinal inflammation.


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