Discover the Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

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Finding the right foods to eat to lose weight is not hard if you know where to look. In this editorial, you will find a list of foods to eat when trying to lose weight.

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foods to eat to lose weight

Weight issues arise when there is an imbalance between the calories taken in and those utilized. If you take in more energy than is necessary, the body converts it to fatty deposits, increasing body weight. To avoid weight gain and, eventually, obesity, one should eat natural weight loss foods with these characteristics.

  • Low in calories
  • Rich in fiber
  • Low in fats
  • Low in sodium content (the sodium that forms part of table salt retains water and increases body volume and weight)
  • They must produce a feeling of satiety

The foods to eat to lose weight on this list meet some or all these requisites. According to the recommendations, the moderate use of these foods can contribute significantly to weight loss.

Top Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

1. DIURETIC FOODS: These are the best foods to eat to lose weight because they facilitate the elimination of fluid and sodium retained in the tissues, contributing to weight loss. Diuretic medications are not recommended for weight loss because of their side effects, whereas dietary diuretics have no side effects.

2. CHARD: Chard satisfies the appetite while supplying very few calories. It also aids in the elimination of acidic metabolic wastes, is diuretic and laxative. All of this make chard a great addition to any simple meal plan to lose weight and improve health.

simple meal plan to lose weight
foods to eat to lose weight

3. SEAWEED: The gum or mucilage in seaweed makes it a great candidate for the foods to eat to lose weight list because it can retain its weight ten times in water. This ability causes it to increase in volume in the stomach, producing a feeling of fullness and temporarily reducing appetite. It also promotes the production of thyroid hormones because of its iodine content. This increases the metabolic rate and, with it, the combustion of carbohydrates.

4. PINEAPPLE: When pineapple, either the fruit or its juice, is eaten before a meal, it reduces the appetite. It is also slightly diuretic, which makes it a good complement for weight loss diets or treatments.

chest fat burning foods
foods to eat to lose weight

5. SWEET POTATO: The sweet potato is a must-have when it comes to foods to eat to lose weight because it is a good source of easily digested carbohydrates, as well as beta-carotene. It is beneficial in weight loss diets because it produces a feeling of fullness that suppresses the appetite. Sweet potatoes are nourishing and can relieve hunger for several hours. However, they only contain 150 kcal/100 g, a relatively small amount that is consistent with weight loss.

6. BROCOLLI: Broccoli is one of the natural weight loss foods low in sugars and calories while providing provitamin A, vitamin C, minerals, and anticarcinogenic phytochemicals. It produces a significant sensation of fullness thanks to its shallow caloric content, so the obese may eat as much as they like.

7. ZUCCHINI: Zucchini contains little fat, sodium, or calories while providing certain mineral salts and vitamins. Thus, its smoothing effect on the digestive tract and its diuretic action is recommended for weight loss diets. It should not be eaten fried since it retains a considerable amount of oil. Preferably, it should be baked or cooked.

foods to eat to lose weight
foods to eat to lose weight

8. CHERRY: Cherries must be eaten slowly, one by one, so they give the sensation of having eaten a great deal. They contain virtually no fat or sodium, two adversaries of the obese. A handful of cherries can substitute a plate of food, with a significant reduction in calories, making them a great add-on to the list of belly-shrinking foods. Cherries are also depurant and diuretic.

9. MUSHROOM: Mushrooms produce a certain sense of satiety with very few calories. While they are excellent for the obese, they benefit people with diabetes because they reduce insulin’s need.

10. CHERIMOYA: Despite their relatively high carbohydrate content, cherimoyas are useful in weight loss diets because they produce a feeling of fullness. Additionally, cherimoyas are invigorating because of their nutritional content.

11. SAUERKRAUT: Sauerkraut is one of the foods to eat to lose weight, which aids in digestion, and it is a depurant. Its low in calories and its capacity for eliminating blood impurities are an excellent part of weight-loss diets.

12. CABBAGE: All cabbages should be on every meal plan template for weight loss because they provide a feeling of satiety thanks to their high fiber content, and they supply very few calories. Cabbage also contains phytochemicals that help protect against cancer.

13. ASPARAGUS: Asparagus is relatively protein-rich in relation to its lack of calories. Consequently, it nourishes without weight gain. This food is also a great source of fiber, which produces a sensation of satiety in the stomach.

14. SPIRULINA: This microscopic alga is rich in proteins, vitamins, and iron but has virtually no calories. It is used as a weight-loss supplement in many diets.

15. GARCINIA: The extract of this Southeast Asian tropical fruit is a natural appetite suppressor without side effects.

16. LETTUCE: Lettuce satisfies the appetite while producing a particular sedative effect necessary for those following a weight loss diet. It provides vitamins and minerals but very few calories.

17. PEACH: This fruit creates a greater sense of satiety than almost any other, which reduces the feeling of hunger. It contributes a few calories and facilitates the elimination of acidic waste produced in cases of obesity.

18. TURNIP: Turnips are recommended for weight loss diets because they are nutritious, easy to digest, extremely low in fat, have few calories, and are quite filling, making them one of the top foods to eat to lose weight.

19. CUCUMBER: Cucumbers are rich in alkalizing minerals and incredibly low in fat and calories. A cucumber salad is a very appropriate dish in case of obesity.

20. PEPPER: Sweet peppers contain very few carbohydrates and calories while providing a great deal of provitamin A and vitamin C. Peppers, particularly cayenne pepper is among the top fat burning foods for weight loss.

21. GRAPEFRUIT: Grapefruit is a good depurant that detoxifies the blood of waste material. Therefore, it is included in weight loss diets and not because it has any weight loss effect or because it burns fat, as some wrong commercial messages purport.

22. MILK WHEY: Milk whey is a good blood depurant that provides proteins, calcium, and various vitamins. It is effectively used in weight-loss diets.

List of Foods Not to Eat When Trying to Lose Weight

list of foods not to eat when trying to lose weight
  1. SATURATED FAT: This comes primarily-from animal-based foods (whole milk, cheese, eggs, meats, sausages, etc.) and is solid at room temperature. This is a reserve fat, stable and non-reactive, which, unless one performs the vigorous physical exercise, tends to deposit under the skin, between the muscles, and in the abdominal cavity, contributing to obesity.
  • FRIED FOODS: Fried foods always retain a certain amount of cooking oil, which contains many calories. For example, fried potatoes have between 5 and 7 times more calories than boiled potatoes.
  • REFINED BAKED GOODS: Products made with refined flour and white sugar provokes abrupt increases in blood sugar. This forces greater insulin secretion to utilize this sugar. If the energy supplied from these rapidly delivered carbohydrates is not used, insulin transforms into fat, contributing to obesity.


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