Herbs That Speed Up Metabolism

Before we get to the herbs that speed up metabolism, let’s look at what metabolism does. Metabolism refers to an entire set of chemical reactions that inner and outer substances undergo inside the body. It consists of two simultaneous and opposed processes:

  1. Anabolism – The synthesis of organic products to store reserves.
  2. Catabolism – Disintegration of the stored products to obtain the needed energy to keep life going.
woman holding herbs that speed up metabolism

Metabolic processes are regulated by hormones, especially those produced by the thyroid gland and the pancreas. There are medicinal herbs that act on both endocrine glands: on the thyroid by increasing or decreasing its activity; and on the pancreas; by enhancing insulin production, which reduces the sugar level in the blood.

As a result of metabolic activity, a level of toxic substances is produced, and these substances are made and must be eliminated. Most of them have an acid reaction, such as uric acid and urea. Depurative medicinal herbs help the body eliminate that critical amount of metabolic waste substances continuously produced. These substances are mainly eliminated through urine and sweat.

OBESITY is one of the most common metabolic disorders and can be treated with the following herbs that speed up metabolism:

  1. Sedative, which eliminates the anxiety usually related to obesity and produces the urge to eat in a non-controlled way.
  2. Appetite reducers – Plants with these properties lack any side effects like synthetic anorexigenic derived from amphetamines. These plants are rich in mucilage, such as algae, and can absorb a large amount of water in the stomach. This way, they increase their volume and produce a sensation of being full by using a purely physical mechanism. They are taken before meals or whenever you want to eliminate the feeling of being hungry.
  3. Diuretic – Herbs that speed up metabolism helps to avoid the retention of liquids which usually occurs in the case of obesity. Losing weight by eliminating fluids using chemical diuretic substances is not recommended as some weight-loss treatments do. This caused imbalances in the composition of organic liquids and electrolytes, which can be used as part of weight-loss treatments. Besides eliminating water and making one lose weight. They support the elimination of waste materials from the body.

Top Natural Herbs That Speed up Metabolism

Javan teaKelp

Remineralizing Herbs

These herbs provide minerals and trace elements, thus restoring the body’s mineral balance.

  1. Carrot
  2. Alfalfa
  3. Hemp nettle
  4. Celery
  5. Wild strawberry
  6. White currant
  7. Fucus
  8. Horsetail

Antiscorbutic Herbs

These plants are suitable for fighting scurvy because of their high vitamin C content. This vitamin is only found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Animal meats do not contain any vitamin C. Scurvy is an ailment caused by a lack of vitamin C. Though, at present, this ailment is scarce in developed countries, there may be a hidden lack of this vitamin.

  1. Orange tree
  2. Lemon tree
  3. Sorrel
  4. Scurvy grass
  5. Cabbage
  6. Brier hip
  7. Garden raspberry

Alkalizing Herbs

These plants produce an alkalinization of organic fluids, especially the blood and the urine. In the human metabolism, and mainly when the diet is rich in meat, an excess of toxic acid substances like uric acid occurs, and these substances must be eliminated. Alkalinization herbs are thus valuable since they neutralize and promote the elimination of this excess of harmful acids. When alkalinizing the urine, these plants promote the elimination of uric sediments (sand) and prevent stone formation.

  1. Nettle
  2. Onion
  3. Wild strawberry
  4. Saxifrage

Using herbs to speed up metabolism renders excellent results in treating obesity if complemented with a good diet regime.


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