Tangerine Health Benefits: difficult to eat only one

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Tangerine health benefits: Peeling and eating tangerines is so simple that it is children’s favorite fruit. Its pleasant sweetness and low acidity combined with its tender pulp make this citrus one of the most popular in the world. Tangerines have been raised in Southern Europe, North Africa, and North America since the 19th century when they arrived from China. This is the latest citrus species in the West from China (oranges were introduced in Europe in the sixteenth century).

tangerine health benefits
Tangerine health benefits

Tangerine Scientific Facts

  1. Scientific name – Citrus reticulata Blanco.
  2. Other names – Mandarin orange.
  3. French – Mandarine.
  4. Spanish – Mandarina.
  5. German – Mandarine.
  6. Description – Fruit of the tangerine tree, a tree of the botanical family Rutaceae that is very similar to the orange tree, although somewhat smaller and more fragile. The two best-known varieties are the satsuma, which is light orange or greenish, and the clementine, which is smaller, sweeter, and deep orange.
  7. Environment – Native to China, the tangerine has adapted very well to the Mediterranean and temperate areas of the Americas.

Tangerine Health Benefits

The tangerine’s composition is very similar to the orange’s, although vitamin C, minerals, organic acids, and most other nutrients are found in lower proportions. The tangerine’s properties are the same as the orange, although less intense. Consequently, tangerines fight infections, make the blood more fluid and are hypotensive, laxative, antiallergenic, remineralizing, depurant, and anti-carcinogenic.

Because they are so simple to eat and digest, they are particularly beneficial for children and the elderly. Tangerines have two special applications:

Because of their ability to fight infection, childhood fevers reinvigorate the body and replace lost minerals. They are highly recommended in cases of colds, flu, and throat infections.

High blood pressure – Tangerine treatment provides excellent results in cases of hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

How to use and Prepare Tangerine

  1. Fresh – Peeling and eating tangerines while enjoying their aroma is a true delight. One should eat six to eight a day to gain the full tangerine health benefits and therapeutic value.
  2. Tangerine treatment – As is the case with an orange treatment, this is done by eating 1.5 to 2 kilos (about three to four pounds) of tangerines as the only food for a couple of days a week for a month. Additional liquids should be unnecessary with this amount of fruit since this treatment is usually done in fall or winter.


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