Urinary System Herbal Remedies

Almost all urinary system herbal remedies act on the kidneys, causing an increase in the amount of urine. These diuretic properties of herbs are enhanced by the water with which herbal teas are prepared. Increasing urine volume promotes the urinary system functions of eliminating waste substances that the kidneys perform. Hence, they help cleanse the blood and purify the entire body.

urinary system herbs

Uric acid and urea are two of the most toxic substances our body continuously produces, and they must be eliminated through urine. Many effective herbal plants promote the elimination of metabolic waste and substances.

Plants are highly effective in increasing mineral salts’ solubility, which is usually dissolved into the urine. When they are not dissolved, these salts form precipitations in the kidneys, called kidney stones or calculi. Some plants can dissolve kidney stones (unlike gall bladder stones).

Since many active components of plants are eliminated through the urine, when these active components have antiseptic or antibiotic properties, they successfully combat urinary system diseases and infections, from the kidneys to the urethra.

Top Urinary System Plants

Some plants improve the muscle tone of the urinary system parts and functions; thus, the cases of enuresis and urine incontinence will improve.

Cane/ Giant reedCeleryCherry treeCopal treeDwarf elder
EryngoGolden-rodGromwellHeatherHedge garlic
Indian cornJuniperKidney beanLovageMadder
ParsleyPellitory of the wallRestharrowSand spurrySarsaparilla
Spanish carrot/ Bishop’s weedWhite birchWhite currantWild balmWild strawberry
Wild teaselWinter cherryCouch grass  


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