Top Blood Cleansing Herbs

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In some sense, all blood cleansing herbs consumed act on the blood to help this fluid transport its active components after nutrients are absorbed in the intestine. However, some plants can increase the production of erythrocytes (red blood cells), thus fighting against anemia. Iron in vegetables is as helpful as animal origin in forming blood.

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The absorption of vegetal iron is slightly more complex than that of animal iron. However, it has the advantage of being usually accompanied by many vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C promotes the absorption of the iron that vegetables contain.

Hemostatic plants promote the blood clotting mechanisms through the vitamin K they contain and clotting tiny capillary vessels due to their astringent action.

Blood-thinning plants have more therapeutic applications and keep the blood from coagulating inside the vessels, known as thrombosis. These plants make the blood more fluid and exert a crucial preventative action for arterial thrombosis, especially that of the brain, heart (the origin of myocardial infarction), and femoral (that causes the lack of blood flow in the legs) arteries. They act utilizing one or several of the following mechanisms:

  • Decreasing the excessive tendency of the blood platelets to gather and form clots: anti-clotting actions on platelets.
  • Breaking the fibrin, a protein of the blood plasma which forms clots: fibrinolytic action.
  • Slowing the processes of blood clotting: anti-clotting action.
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Blood Cleansing Herbs

AlfalfaCitron tree
Grapefruit treeHorseweed
KnotweedLemon tree
Lime treeNettle
Wood sorrel 

Hemostatic Herbs

These plants stop hemorrhages, both in the internal organs and the skin. Their action is reinforced by combining their internal use (herbal teas orally taken) with external applications on the bleeding point whenever it is accessible.

BistortGoldensealEarly flowering periwinkle
MistletoeHazelnutWitch hazel
Common plantainTormentilBurnet
Great burnetBrambleGrapevine
Shepherd’s purseStorksbillBlind nettle

Blood Thinning Herbs

Blood-thinning herbs are recommended as prevention against thrombosis in the case of hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and whenever there are risk or predisposition factors toward this blood disorder.

Yellow melilotOnion

Blood Conditions

woman sitting at a table in front of a variety of fruits and vegetables.
Certain medicinal herbs, like some foods of vegetal origin, are highly effective when preventing and treating anemia.

Anemia: A decrease in blood, especially of its erythrocytes (red blood cells). The phytotherapeutic treatment uses antianemic herbs rich in iron (the fundamental element of erythrocytes) and abundant amounts of other minerals, vitamins (especially vitamin C), and enzymes, which activate the body. There are plants, such as ginseng, that increase the production of red blood cells.

Hematoma: This condition is an accumulation of blood in the tissues outside the blood vessels. We refer to the hematomas located under the skin, caused by injuries or bruises. These herbs, locally applied, promote reabsorption and diminish local inflammation. All vulnerary plants are also helpful.

two avocados with one sliced in half, which are great blood cleansing herbs
The avocado is a very nutritional fruit, rich in iron.

Hemorrhage: Bleeding. The blood cleansing herbs listed above have hemostatic and vasoconstrictive properties. Its action is enhanced when they are taken orally and externally used. A physician should treat any abnormal bleeding.

Thrombosis: This condition is the formation of a clot inside a vessel (artery or vein), which remains in the same place it is formed. When the clot moves from that place, flowing through the interior of the veins or arteries, an embolism is produced. Arterial thrombosis usually occurs after arteriosclerosis on the arterial walls. Phytotherapy offers plants that enhance blood circulation and make it more fluid, thus exerting a gripping preventative action on this disorder. Blood cleansing herbs that decrease cholesterol levels are also helpful in preventing thrombosis.

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