Best Herbs For Men

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The best herbs for men have revitalizing, refreshing, and aphrodisiac action on the body. However, aphrodisiac properties are just a consequence of these herbs’ increasing general vitality.

herbs for men: man smiling in front of flower pot of herbal plants

Best Herbs for Men

American ginsengChinese ginseng
SesameShrub palmetto
Water lily 
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Aphrodisiac Herbs

 These herbs increase sexual desire and ability. In some cases, such as onion, the plant’s odor can work against its alleged aphrodisiac properties.

Black pepper, white pepperWinter savory
Sweet flagCinnamon tree
Early purple orchidKorean Ginseng
Turnera diffusaSage
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Anaphrodisiac Herbs

They decrease sexual desire and are known as antiaphrodisiacs. Though in former ages, these plants were more widely used than today, they still have some applications, such as for spermatorrhea, that is to say, excessive and involuntary semen emission, which usually occurs in teenagers.

HopsPrickly lettuce
Camphor treeNymphaeaceae alba
White willow 

Common Male Disorders and Herbal Remedies

Prostate Afflictions

The most common prostate affliction for young or middle-aged males is prostatitis caused by infections. In contrast, in males over 50, the most common affection is hypertrophy or enlargement of the prostate. Phytotherapy provides some very effective plants for treating both afflictions.

Prostate Herbs

Horse chestnutCypress
GoldenrodField pumpkin
Saw palmettoStinking weed

Male Sterility

The inability of semen to fertilize the female ovule. Besides enhancing sexual ability and performance, these plants can increase the amount and vitality of spermatozoa.

Herbs for Male Sterility

Panax ginsengMexican damiana

Sexual Impotence

The inability to finish sexual intercourse due to lack of penile erection. Apart from psychological reasons, the most usual organic causes are severe diabetes and arteriosclerosis of the iliac arteries. Not forgetting to treat the psychological and organic causes of impotence, the following plants improve penis erection.

Herbs for Sexual Impotence

OatsSatureja montana
Asian GinsengSesame
Thé bourrique 

Premature Ejaculation

Besides damiana, plants with stimulating properties on the nervous system, recommended for exhaustion and asthenia, are also a valuable help.

Herbs for Premature Ejaculation


Excessive Sexual Excitation

The following plants provide anaphrodisiac or antiaphrodisiac properties (they decrease sexual desire). They can be helpful for over-sexed teenagers or in the case of psychological disabilities.

Herbs for Excessive Sexual Excitation

European hopsNénuphar
Salix alba 
both hands of a man holding an avocado split in half
Herbs for men: Avocados

Avocados were called “testicle trees” by Mexican natives. Though it does not directly influence genital function, the avocado is recommended for males since it decreases cholesterol levels in the blood and, if applied to the scalp, helps combat hair loss.

pumpkin seeds in a wooden bowl
herbs for men: Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain cucurbitacins, an active component that reduces the prostate’s inflammation and retards its excessive growth. Take a handful of fresh, dried seeds or boil two or three times a day. Pumpkin seeds also have vermifuge properties (they eliminate intestinal parasites).

Water lilies were used in ancient times to decrease an excessive sexual appetite because of the properties of their alkaloids.


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