Top Herbs for Women

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Medicinal herbs for women can do a lot of good for their health and well-being. Many plants can alleviate menstruation pain (dysmenorrhea), balance the menstrual cycle when irregular, and reduce hemorrhaging during excessive menstruation.

State of mind, emotions, and even character depend to a certain degree on hormonal balance. A woman’s body experiences cyclic oscillations of its sexual hormone level, which can provoke emotional imbalances more or less frequently.

These herbs for women do not exert a symptomatic action, easing pain or menstrual disorders. Still, they can even produce a proper readjustment of the delicate hormone mechanism, which periodically gives birth to menstruation. As in other phytotherapeutic fields, medicinal herbs have good preventative action on many women’s disorders and diseases.

When applied locally as vaginal irrigation, these top herbs for women act successfully against infections of the vagina and the neck of the uterus. During pregnancy and especially during breastfeeding, these herbs can also serve women well. Some plants increase milk production, and others decrease it. Phytotherapy can also provide practical solutions to natural breastfeeding disorders, such as nipple soreness and mammary gland inflammation (mastitis). Phytotherapy can also offer practical solutions.

herbs for women: woman in her kitchen cutting herbs

Herbs for Women

American ViburnumArtemisia Blind Nettle
CalendulaCramp BarkFalse Tarragon
Goat’s RueGroundselHorsemint
Lady’s MantleMarsh BetonyMarygold
MugwortMusk weedOswego Tea
Pasque FlowerPrairie SageRose
Rose of AlexandriaRose of JerichoRue
SageSenecio, Other SpeciesShepherd’s Purse
Stinking WeedStorksbillViburnum, other Species
Wayfaring TreeWild Betony 

Galactogenic Herbs

These plants promote the secretion of milk in breastfeeding women. They are usually taken orally in the form of herbal teas. The stimulant properties of these herbs on milk production are due to their essential oils.

Goat's rue plant for women
Herbs for women: Goat’s Rue
  1. Nettle
  2. Dill
  3. Caraway
  4. Fennel
  5. Basil
  6. Cumin
  7. Anise
  8. Goat’s Rue

Galactofuge Herbs

These herbs reduce or stop milk secretion in breastfeeding women. They are used when, for any reason, breastfeeding must be given up. These herbs are used both orally and in compresses on the breasts.

  1. Early-flowering Periwinkle
  2. Cane

Uterine Antispasmodic Herbs

These herbs relax the spasm of the uterine muscles. With this action, these plants alleviate dysmenorrhea and many female pelvic pains caused by uterine cramps.

The herbs also exert antispasmodic action, though not as specific, on other hollow organs, such as the intestine or the urinary pathways.

beautiful Pasque flower
Herbs for women: Pasque Flower
  1. Venus’ Hair
  2. Ground apple
  3. Buck Bean
  4. Pasque Flower
  5. Garden marigold
  6. Common rue
  7. Stachys
  8. Cramp Bark

Oxytocic Herbs

Herbs for women: Shepherd’s Purse

These particular herbs produce contractions in the uterus. They have a similar action to oxytocin’s, though not so intense. Oxytocin is a hormone produced on the posterior lobule of the hypophysis, which makes the uterus experience strong contractions, thus producing labor. Therefore, these plants are used to accelerate labor. However, if used during the first months of pregnancy, they could have abortifacient properties.

  1. Scotch Broom
  2. Shepherd’s Purse
  3. Herb of grace
  4. Aloe
  5. Birchwort

Emmenagogue Herbs

These particular herbs for women can produce or ease menstruation. As a rule, they have a balancing and normalizing effect on the menstrual cycle. We do not recommend them being used during pregnancy since they increase the risk of abortion.

Leonurus cardiacaTanacetum vulgare
Adiantum capillus-venerisJuniperus communis
Petasites hybridusMelittis melissophyllum
Anethum graveolensPetroselinum sativum Hoffm
Anthemis nobilisRubia tinctorum
Matricaria chamomillaArtemisia vulgaris
Ocimum basilicumCalendula officinalis
Artemisia absinthiumRuta graveolens
Artemisia dracunculusSalvia officinalis
Crocus sativusSenecio vulgaris
Laurus nobilisStachys sylvatica
Mentha pulegiumAchillea millefolium
Menyanthes trifoliataAloe vera
Santolina chamaecyparissusAristolochia clematitis
Convolvulus jalapaHeliotropium europaeum
Sorbus aucupariaSalvia sclarea

Medicinal herbs can both increase and decrease milk production in breastfeeding women.

Menopause is a traditional stage in women’s lives, in which all female physiological functions must adapt to a new hormonal situation whose main feature is a decrease in ovary functions. These herbs for women’s health can favorably contribute to easing this complex stage in their life.

The medicinal herbs that balance hormones in females can go a long way to improving mental state and providing a sense of well-being.


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