Top Plants and Herbs for Skin Issues

The human body is wrapped in almost two square inches of skin, which most people only address for beauty reasons. However, the skin plays an essential role in overall health. Therefore, finding the best herbs for skin problems is crucial.

hands rubbing herbs for skin issues in
  • Skin Functions of protection: The skin helps protect us against temperature changes. Also, it defends us from the many micro-organisms surrounding us.
  • Skin Functions of elimination: Water is regularly eliminated through the skin by way of sweating. Sweat and urine possess similar compositions, though sweat has a lesser concentration. Besides water, it consists of urea, sodium chlorine, and many other substances. Thus, the skin is often referred to as our “third kidney” thanks to its ability to eliminate metabolic waste and toxins.
  • Skin Sensory functions: The skin possesses many nerve terminals, which earned it the nickname “the external brain.” Also, the health of the skin is a direct reflection of the nervous system.
         The skin’s health and beauty strongly depend on the inner conditions of our body. For instance, the best herbs for skin regeneration or the best herbs for skin elasticity will not achieve great results if the blood is full of metabolic waste, nervous imbalances, or if the diet is rich in proteins and fats.
         As a result, in most cases, eczema and other skin issues will be healed not only with local applications of the following list of herbs for skincare via compresses, lotions, or poultices, which are compelling indeed. But also by administering:
    1. Depurative plants such as white birch trees or pansy promote the expelling of waste substances from the blood, forming deposits on the skin through sweat and urine.
    2. Plants that improve liver functions, in which many processes are expelling toxic substances in the blood.
    3. Laxative plants, which help prevent internal toxicity for chronic constipation.

Local applications of certain medicinal plants have a marked effect in keeping the skin beautiful.

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woman with a cut open stalk of aloe which is one of the best herbs for inflammation
Herbs for skin: Aloe

Healthy and normal skin is responsible for many essential roles; therefore, its care and upkeep should not be taken lightly. Unfortunately, too many people do not focus on their skin until an abnormality or unforeseen problems arises.

Typical skin problems that arise are oiliness, congestion, sun damage, wrinkles, and aging. However, these issues are all within the range of normal functional skin, though they may be considered challenging if severe or undesirable.

Top Plants and Herbs for Skin Issues 1

Thankfully, people with normal healthy skin that is not exposed to an unhealthy amount of physical or environmental stresses may not need any specific protection or care. For those that would like to improve the health of their skin, the following herbs for skin problems may be beneficial.

Consistency and routine are the keys to proper skincare because it can take a while to recognize results. A great daily routine to protect from the excessive UV rays of the sun, unwarranted drying and irritation, and improving the skin’s protective capabilities is to avoid irritating chemicals and soaps that dry out your skin. Also, drink plenty of water.

A healthy daily routine along with the following herbs can keep your skin looking beautiful and flawless for many years to come.

List of the Best Herbs for Skin Care

Annatto treeAvocadoBetonyBirchwort
Bittersweet nightshadeBugloss plantBurdockCalaguala
Celandine plantComfrey rootCommon alkanetCotton plant
Elm treeField scabiousFig treeGreen tomato
Ground cherryHeliotropeHorsetailHound’s tongue
HouseleekIvyLesser comfreyLivelong
Madonna lilyMilfoilOleanderOmbu
PansyPeruvian heliotropePoisonberryPokeweed
PrickwoodPrickly pearSanicleSolomon’s seal
Spindle treeSt. JohnswortTepezcohuiteWall pepper

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